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My iPhone seems to share it's internet connection with my Mac over Bluetooth.
  Good luck complaining against the antics of one of the forum mods.....   As to posting pictures of all the Apple stuff you have, go on then!
  Sadly, there is a certain type of person on the internet for whom everything is a cock measuring contest.
Ha!  That's a great analogy.   Even if you do go and buy a ring of the same quality from somewhere else, I can say from experience, the reaction you get when you hand over the blue Tiffanys bag is worth the extra money!
  Yeah, but the fact is, most people who don't know the exact details of who makes the "best" watch believe Rolex to be superior to Timex.  He could equally have said a Rolls-Royce amongst a sea of Fords, and would certainly have had, I don't know, Aston Martin fans banging on about why he is wrong and why Rolls-Royce isn't even the best built car.   The one minor fault in his analogy is that in my experience, quartz watches, which Timex tend to be, are much better at...
I find it hard to give a shit about any of this.  The important question is, "will the processor be fast enough to run everything I want to quickly and smoothly"?  If the answer to that is yes, it's fast enough, if the answer to that is no, it's too slow. The specs mean nothing.  It's user experience that counts, and Apple seems to consistently get that right.
While I utterly despise Ticket Master (why do I pay a "convenience fee" when I print my own ticket, using my own printer?), having them integrated into this will be useful, since I attend a lot of sporting events.   It'll be interesting to see how much extra they charge you to use this feature however......
I think it depends on what the software is and it doesn't need to be system wide. I think the bookshelf in iBooks looks great. I think the leather effect in the calendar looks shit. When all is said and done, all this comes down to personal preference.
  It doesn't really matter, the point of this isn't for using the GPS anyway.  The GPS on the aircraft will be far superior to the one built into the iPad, so they know physically where they are already.   What it's good for is having all the checklists, and constantly updated, the Airport/Facility Directory (that you are supposed to carry and always have an updated copy of), and all the maps.  For a cross country flight, the pilot will have IFR Enroute High and Low...
  The bulk discount seems pretty miserly though.  3 1/3% off if you buy 3!     I think the EU directive basically agreed upon specs for the power supplies that were needed, and actual connectors to the device can be offered using an adaptor from micro USB.  I would guess Apple can still do that. It seems to me that what everyone is standardizing on anyway is a power adaptor that has a standard USB port on it, then you just plug in whichever cable you need.  The power...
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