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  Having grown up with Blue Peter, I can relate to his reaction.  There's nothing small and silly about the Blue Peter badge - for those of us from the UK, and of a certain age, it would be quite the honor to get one.
  The problem is, gamers (the people who spend billions yearly in this industry) can pan it as much as they like, it won't change the fact that the current business model for the games market is increasingly shaky.  With games costing hundreds of millions to make for the big games consoles, it won't be long until the whole thing becomes unsustainable, and something like iOS in the living room will be welcomed by the developers.   What will dictate the winners and losers...
I can see the games industry going through a major upheaval very soon.  As the consoles have become ever more complex, the cost of game development has rocketed, and you end up with games that are relatively formulaic, either first person shooters, or an update to a sports title every 12 months, since the games studios when spending $100m+ on development can't risk a failure, so look to eliminate risk.     A much simpler games machine, with a simplified dev...
  I spent 15 years working in the semiconductor capital equipment industry, and I still know a hell of a lot of people in the industry.  Believe me, it's true......
Samsung have cut back massively on new fab equipment. From what they're buying, there is no doubt they are planning for a lot less foundry business than previously. I'm certain Apple have already told them they are switching to another supplier.
  Well someone will have a list!   The processors for Macs will be coming out of Portland, OR and Chandler, AZ, although that's where the chips are made, they're then shipped off to China where they are packaged (the chips cut out of the wafers, wire bonding done and packaged).   Memory for Apple will be coming from all over the place.  I think they get some Flash from IMFT, so Lehi, UT and Singapore.  They'll get a lot of memory (I think Flash, but certainly DRAM) from...
  Sounds like this is something new though, and the GF plant in Malta is already there.   There's a number of fabs up in the North East, and a great research place.  I spent a couple of happy months working in Albany Nanotech.
  I really abuse my phones, yet my black/slate iPhone 5 is scratch free, with the exception of a couple of minor dings along the edge.  I think it's been really durable so far. 
I'm delighted to see the Raspberry Pi on the list.  What a neat way to try and get kids into programming.   As for the winner, I fully support it.  I was amazed by how much better the 5 is than the 4S, which wasn't exactly a bad phone.  I really thought it would be nearly impossible to improve on the iPhone 5 until yesterday, when I downloaded Grand Theft Auto Vice City.   I've subsequently abandoned doing any work.
  I've no idea how mainland China is going to be a threat in the chipmaking space, at least in the medium term.  There is very little 300mm manufacturing there, let alone advanced geometries.   While China continues to have low-tech 200mm fabs, everyone else is about to start the arduous shift to 450mm.  Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the US are still miles ahead of China in chip manufacture.
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