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  You don't know how many "second chances" he might have already had.  For all we know, this was the straw that broke the camels back. Besides, this is the case when you get towards the top of an organization.  When something goes well, you get more credit than you deserve (since the actual "work" tends to be done by others) and if something goes wrong, you get more of the blame than you deserve.   The reward is large salaries and stock options.  The risk is losing your...
  They do fix the POI's eventually.  I reported the fact that a station in the village I grew up in had been closed in 1969 and demolished in 1972, and after about a month, they removed it.   Thanks also to MStone for posting the link to the web version of Nokia Maps.  I rather like it.
  I didn't realize that.  So there's no reason why someone other than Apple couldn't develop an app for Blackberry or Android and where, say Fandango says, "add to Passbook", it could equally go into a third party app on Android or Blackberry (assuming of course you are using the Fandango for Blackberry app)?
  I know it won't happen, but this is why I wish Apple would make Passbook open source and hence available on all phones.   The convenience of having everything in one place is fantastic, but that's not going to happen until there is one (or maybe two) standards for everyone to get behind.
I like Passbook, and really hope more and more companies support it.  I use it in Starbucks every couple of days, really liked it for my Giants baseball tickets, and it's great with Fandango as well.   My wish list is:   Southwest Airlines (their own app is so dreadful, not needing to open that anymore would be great!) NHL.  I'd love to have my Sharks season tickets all appear in Passbook.  While the NHL isn't staging any hockey, perhaps they could spend their...
You guessed right, I did type Ballmer, although it was actually one of his nicknames.   C**t.
  I'd back that.  OSX 10.9 - Tabby!   Having spent some time in the Microsoft store in Valley Fair on Saturday, I'd say Apple need to do a whole zero work to stay ahead of Windows.  What a pile of old bollocks Surface is.   I did however amuse myself by opening Powerpoint, typing an offensive word, then closing it!
Actually the problem is that tax systems have not rebalanced based on globalization having happened.   Starbucks in the UK are a spectacular example of this.  They have paid less than 1% corporation tax on GBP3bn of sales since 1998 (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19967397) vs. a main rate of 24%.  They've done that by effectively making themselves "unprofitable" in the UK due to the extremely high price they pay their coffee supplier.  The fact that their coffee...
  I wonder why Apple tried to make use of the legal system "over there" then.   If the legal system "over there" had made the decision you wanted, you'd think it was fine.   The truth is, this was clearly a case in the gray.  If it was clear-cut that Apple would win, Samsung wouldn't have let it goto court - they would have settled out of court.  Thats the exact time you need a third party to decide one way or another.  Just because you like Apple more than you like...
Why is he obviously biased?  Because he didn't find on the side you wanted him to?   Had he found in favor of Apple, would it have been OK for someone who likes Samsung products to say he is "obviously biased" and asked to have him stand down?
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