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Well, as opposed to just bashing people back and forth, I'm going to give my opinion instead.   I'm both disappointed with elements of the new maps, but cautiously optimistic that it will end up being a huge step forwards.  The bad comes down to two things, firstly, not having transit times is a huge step backwards from Google Maps.  I know Apple say 3rd party developers will come and fix that, but having downloaded a couple of the apps they recommend when I tried a...
I'm liking it so far.  The upgrade was smooth and easy as they always seem to be.   Safari seems to be snappier, though having really got to like the Mercury browser, I'm not sure I'm ready to move back to Safari. The Maps application I like a great deal.  From the point of view of it being a map, it's much better than Google, with it being clearer and more readable.  I really like that.  I don't like the fact that when you select a transit search it just sends...
I'm assuming when you next buy a ticket using Fandango it will appear in Passbook.
About two months ago, I ran over a pair with the car by mistake.   That soon took them apart!
  I travel a lot, and spend a lot of my life on airplanes, so I decided to get a pair of Bose QC 2's back in 2005 and absolutely loved them.  To be completely honest, for pure sound reproduction, you can find better headphones for the same price, but I think it's worth sacrificing a little sound quality (and I really mean a little) to get the outstanding noise cancellation.   Before I bought them, I tried a friends Sony noise canceling headphones on a flight, and they...
My iPhone seems to share it's internet connection with my Mac over Bluetooth.
  Good luck complaining against the antics of one of the forum mods.....   As to posting pictures of all the Apple stuff you have, go on then!
  Sadly, there is a certain type of person on the internet for whom everything is a cock measuring contest.
Ha!  That's a great analogy.   Even if you do go and buy a ring of the same quality from somewhere else, I can say from experience, the reaction you get when you hand over the blue Tiffanys bag is worth the extra money!
  Yeah, but the fact is, most people who don't know the exact details of who makes the "best" watch believe Rolex to be superior to Timex.  He could equally have said a Rolls-Royce amongst a sea of Fords, and would certainly have had, I don't know, Aston Martin fans banging on about why he is wrong and why Rolls-Royce isn't even the best built car.   The one minor fault in his analogy is that in my experience, quartz watches, which Timex tend to be, are much better at...
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