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  And, for that matter, they could also single out a lot of senators. I'm pretty sure they are able to lower their personal rate of tax more than I can because they are rich enough to setup investment trusts and such like.  Surely it's morally wrong that they don't pay the same effective tax rate as me?   Still, morals don't set the tax rate - the tax laws do.
  As mentioned above, Google are doing the same thing. Amazon are doing the same thing (book all their UK sales through Luxembourg).   The problem is the politicians don't stop it.   I don't think it's right that large companies can setup such circumstances to give themselves a benefit that small companies can't afford to setup (I believe the playing field should be level), but I can't blame large companies (or small companies for that matter) for doing what is perfectly...
The problem isn't that Apple is doing this, the problem is that it is legal. I think everyone and every company should pay no more than they legally have to. I do however question why the politicians allow practices that seem to wrong to be perfectly legal. Google are under investigation for the same practices as Apple are using here. In 2011, Google made GBP3bn in revenue in the UK, but only paid GBP6mn in Corporation taxes, because all the sales were booked through...
  That's rather a simplistic argument.   I manhandled my iPhone 4 and the power button broke, similarly, just after the warranty expired.  I do not believe I broke it, mostly because I hardly ever use the power button.   I don't however believe I am entitled to anything from Apple - the warranty was one year, and I consider I was unlucky.  If it happens again on my iPhone 5, I'll probably switch to a different phone manufacturer, as is my right as a consumer.   Lets not...
  You're a genius!   Or I'm an idiot.   Or both!
  I agree.   With maps now, I tend to search with Google, bag the exact address, or even co-ordinates, then bung them into Apple Maps for directions.   I find the Maps app much better than Googles.  I only managed to get Google Maps to give me directions once, and I can't work out how I did it.  The Apple app is clean, easy to use etc.  It just has dreadful search capabilities.   I hope the search chap they hired from Amazon fixes that.
I think Apple need to start spreading rumors that they are working on something completely fictitious, just to send Google and Samsung off on a wild goose chase copying something that doesn't exist. The iSpaceShip perhaps?
  To be honest though, it's not like Apple Stores are perfect.  The service I get in my local one (which is only 10 miles from Infinite Loop) is dreadful.  There's actually far too many staff, milling around and paying little attention to customers.  I've experienced this in a couple of Apple stores.   That said, the one at Infinite Loop is tremendous.
  That fits almost perfectly with his new company disgracefully forcing small suppliers to reduce their prices by 4% regardless of whether or not they could afford to:   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/9890005/Monsoon-accused-of-shameless-squeeze-on-supply-chain.html   How much of a shit was he before Apple made him kinder?
  Bigger screen, better for porn, more "relaxing in a gentlemens way", go blind.......!
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