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And there you've summed up many of the problems Microsoft (and Android) licensees have.I don't know what Snapdragon 800, Tegra 4and Bay Trail are. Much less do I care.When I hold a tablet, I definitely care whether it is heavy or light.I'm a normal consumer.
That's a good idea. I could have taken one and shoved it up the backside of the moron in front of me who held his iPad up for half the race.
The Formula 1 race in Austin last year was the first and only time I've ever hated Apples technology.Obviously it wasn't their fault, but the sea of iPad screens being held aloft really tested my patience.
If you worked on the Surface 2, and had spent months figuring out how to make it no thicker than the iPad so it could compete, it must be soul destroying to see Apple leapfrog you yet again.
I care.I stopped using the iPad 3 in favor of the Mini because the 3 was just too heavy for prolonged reading when only holding it with one hand. Now it seems I'll be able to have the best of both worlds, with the bigger screen and the lightness.What I don't care about is them putting a higher resolution camera in the iPad. Indeed I'd be in favor of then removing the rear camera to stop assholes at sporting events holding an iPad up in the air, blocking everyone else's view.
While I enjoy my iPhone and iPad, my heart belongs to the Mac. I spend 8 hours every day staring at that thing. I'm so happy that while it's becoming a smaller part of Apples money making machine, the Mac still gets the full treatment from them.
Thanks Marvin. Yeah, I know they are likely to bump them tomorrow, but the retina Mac I got I found just sat in our store cupboard at work (we always have a bunch of laptops sat ready for someone to use if theirs breaks, I decided to bag this one and leave my old one as a "loaner"), so we've owned it for a while.   Appreciate the feedback.  I'd not thought about using an SD card.  Since I have a 64Gb card in my bag right now, I'll give it a bash!
Hi everyone;   I'm looking for a bit of advice.   Last week, I switched out my 2012 Macbook Pro, with a 2013 "retina" MBP.  The new machine is awesome, but the SSD it has is significantly smaller than the mechanical drive I had in my old machine.   For the most part, this is no problem.  The challenge however, is very occasionally I need to use a couple of Windows applications.  On my old MBP, I just had Parallels and Windows installed on the internal hard drive.  It...
 A chap at work is using a Surface Pro as his only work computer now.  At first I felt sympathy for him (!), but he's extremely satisfied with it.  This is a very successful guy by the way, in a very senior position of a very high tech software company, so when he tells me it's a good work solution, I'm happy to believe him. Playing around with it myself, the keyboard really did make a difference.  I love my iPad, and would probably be able to make it work as my primary...
New Posts  All Forums: