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Am I spectacularly stupid, or is it near impossible to get Google Maps to give you turn by turn directions? I'm sure I managed it once, but I've not been able to since (all it seems to do is let me "preview" a route). At the moment, I'm using Google Maps to search for places, then I'm entering them into Apple Maps for the driving directions. I so wish Apple would get the data behind the maps right, and make the search better. Their app interface is tremendous.
Shazam is everything an app should be.  Does one thing extraordinarily well, and solves a "problem" that nothing else did. The amount of time I've wasted in my life desperately trying to remember who a song was by is immeasurable!
I was pretty amazed to find Passbook was an option for spring training tickets for the Giants as well.  They're happily in my passbook waiting for me to get there on Saturday!   Lets go Giants!
Sounds good to me. I much prefer the rounded edges of my mini to the knife edge of the iPad 3. I find the iPad 3 uncomfortable to use after a relatively short time, and I think it's the edge of it that causes that (along with the weight of it).
I continue to love the new Maps application (ignoring the data behind it), and continue to think the maps are easier to read.  I love the turn by turn as well.   Flyover for me is a gimmick and I don't really care what they do with it.  I thought the same of Street View. Where Maps constantly falls down though is search.  It consistently fails to find things that Google Maps locates no problem.  I'm not out in the middle of nowhere either - it fails in the Bay...
That made me laugh - nice one!
  Having grown up with Blue Peter, I can relate to his reaction.  There's nothing small and silly about the Blue Peter badge - for those of us from the UK, and of a certain age, it would be quite the honor to get one.
  The problem is, gamers (the people who spend billions yearly in this industry) can pan it as much as they like, it won't change the fact that the current business model for the games market is increasingly shaky.  With games costing hundreds of millions to make for the big games consoles, it won't be long until the whole thing becomes unsustainable, and something like iOS in the living room will be welcomed by the developers.   What will dictate the winners and losers...
I can see the games industry going through a major upheaval very soon.  As the consoles have become ever more complex, the cost of game development has rocketed, and you end up with games that are relatively formulaic, either first person shooters, or an update to a sports title every 12 months, since the games studios when spending $100m+ on development can't risk a failure, so look to eliminate risk.     A much simpler games machine, with a simplified dev...
  I spent 15 years working in the semiconductor capital equipment industry, and I still know a hell of a lot of people in the industry.  Believe me, it's true......
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