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It does seem weird that the more channels they have, the less music they seem to play. MTV used to be awesome.  The only non-music thing was "The Real World", and even that was pretty cool, because it was different to what anyone else was showing.
I miss the days when it was Music Television.
According to the Wikipedia article, 8.3m people watched it last year.  It looks like it's been viewed by between 8 and 10 million for quite a while.  I was surprised - I thought the viewership of things like that would have been gradually declining over time. Seems like quite a smart good cross-promotion between MTV and Apple.
I generally use the Apple Discussion Forum - it's rare that I've not been able to solve a problem using that. It's infrequent that I've needed to try and use the Genuis Bar, but like I say, the times I have it's just been a zoo.  It's fundamentally a good thing from Apples standpoint (when I switched to Apple stuff 10 years ago you didn't have much bother getting help!), but at the same time, it doesn't feel like they are scaling with demand in the stores, and that's...
Glad you had such a good experience.I didn't.
The one at Valley Fair Mall.  Took me five days to get an appointment, then was told it would be 4 hours until I could get it back. http://www.apple.com/retail/valleyfair/
Nah, I'm not going to do that.   I'm just a regular consumer.  I either use a shop/product or don't depending on how good the experience is.  All I'm saying here is that I used to enjoy using the Apple Store, and now I don't.  I don't really care if Apple care about that or not.  I just don't think I should not say on what is a comment site what my personal experience is, just because it doesn't fit with people like you who assume anyone who doesn't think everything Apple...
Yeah I could, but that's not in my nature.  I'll just stop using the Genius Bar, having already stopped using the Apple Stores to buy things.  Obviously I'm in the minority, since Apple continually report Apple Stores going gangbusters, but the experience in them has been getting worse and worse over time.  They are always far too busy, staff tend to congregate talking to each other and make me feel like I'm intruding when I ask them for help.  I just can't be bothered...
I don't think I've ever had a survey from Apple to be honest. Would have quite liked to be able to provide feedback on my Genius Bar appointment a couple of weeks ago - it was a dreadful experience.
Why should he have to prove himself to you?  You can either chose to believe him or not. I didn't return my Apple Watch, but I did sell it on eBay after owning it for four weeks, because I never found a situation that it looked right with the clothes I was wearing (or at least, one of my other watches always looked more suitable). You need to realize that having an opinion contrary to "everything Apple does is the best thing ever" doesn't mean you are a "troll", or a...
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