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My thoughts exactly.  I thought we'd managed to get over the spec wars - seemingly not. If you think the Apple Watch is shit, don't buy one.  I'm sure Apple will manage. If you like the look of it, pick one that you can afford and buy it.
18 hours is fine for me, since I don't wear my watch when I'm sleeping, it's no big deal to charge it at night. What I hate though, is Apples current trend of describing things that don't last 24 hours as "all day".
Blew my mind when I decided I wanted to replace the strap on the Breitling.  I had no idea how much these things cost until then!
 Have you ever looked at how much watch straps cost for decent watches?   Here's the strap I currently have on my Breitling - http://www.authenticwatches.com/breitling-24-20-brown-crocodile-deployment-straps.html#.VP30e0I6vTw $595. The steel bracelet on my Omega - http://www.authenticwatches.com/omega-seamaster-bracelet-1502-824.html#.VP30tEI6vTw $695. The strap on my Baume & Mercier...
Many people on the internet struggle to grasp the concept that things cost money.
Pretty pleased with the price of this one.  I'd read some rumors that it was going to be ~$1500, which would have been far too much for me, but I'll happily spend up to $1000.
Is Excel finally multi-threaded?   For some of the massive spreadsheets I'm forced to use, it's significantly faster to launch Windows in Parallels and use Excel for Windows than it is to use the native Mac Excel.
Wow, this post has gone of on a strange weed based tangent.   As for he actual article, while new shirts are fine, I hope she starts tacking some of the bigger issues in the stores.  The one I used to go to in Valley Fair, San Jose has become an unpleasant experience.  There are far too many staff, who spend far too much of their time talking to each other.  Even when the store is busy.  The whole thing isn't nearly as slick as you would expect from Apple.   It was the...
Ha ha! My Breitling is waterproof to 10 atmospheres (God knows why), but I still take it off in the shower.  Or if I'm going swimming.  Or if I'm going to sleep.
"34,000 handsets "every hour, 24 hours a day, every day of the quarter." How the hell are they making them that fast?
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