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I'm glad they're doing this.  The "flyover" doesn't add much practical value to Maps, even if it does look cool, but Street View is a very real benefit in Google Maps.   I might have to go back and read DEDs laughable article that went to great pains to explain why flyover was in fact better than Street View when it clearly wasn't.  Now I'll look forwards to Apples implementation of Street View and watch him do a complete reverse ferret and explain why Street View is now...
This is a tremendous idea. The fact that Apple went out of their way to get my data off a Windows PC back in the day made the decision to switch much easier. This should achieve the same for phones.
The best thing Jobs did on his return to Apple was see the potential in this guy.   That, along with, somewhat controversially, his convincing Microsoft to invest in Apple and continue Office support, are probably the two moments that most created the most valuable company in the world.
Yeah, right.  That'll explain why demand is still far outstripping supply!
I've found that if you don't wear the watch uncomfortably tight (at least, what I consider too tight), the heart rate monitor is completely pointless.  I get that it needs to be tight to your wrist to work properly, and that I don't wear the watch that way, so I'd like to be able to turn it off completely, so at least it's not wasting battery life taking false readings.
Pleased they seem to be doing something about the measurement of standing activity. I've had multiple days where it has given me credit for standing more hours than I've actually been wearing the watch.
Same here. With the exception of day 1, when I played with it endlessly, mine always has plenty in reserve at the end of the day.On the 42mm, I'm easily getting 24 hour battery life.
 I have to admit, I was surprised by the size of the box when I opened the package.  I was shocked when I got the shipping info that said it was over 3lb, but the box explains that.  It's very thick plastic.  It's a decent approximation of the sort of box you would get with a premium watch, but at the same time, it feels cheaper than other watch boxes I've got.Regardless, it's a box - it'll sit in the closet next to my other watch boxes and never get looked at again. The...
Now that's true, but tomorrow's going to be interesting.  I'm off to England, so it will be given an "extended" normal use test by me since I'm taking a red eye from San Francisco. I'll let you know when it dies........
 Totally agree with you.  I'm really interested to see how the battery actually fairs when mine shows up this afternoon.  I'm expecting better than 19 hours.
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