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Mine is Preparing For Shipment. Credit card was hit a couple of hours ago, and the Apple gift card I had attached to the order dropped to zero at the same time. Fingers crossed that it'll ship today/tomorrow so I get it on Friday.
Whoop!  Updated to Preparing For Shipment!
There might be something in this!   My credit card has just been hit.
Damn it!  Check status is back up and nothing has changed!
The "check order status" on the Apple website has been down for me for the past half hour.   Wonder if this is an indication that a bunch of shipments are being processed?
Yeah, that might well have been the case. I ordered using the app and had my order in within 60 seconds of it going live.  I got a 4/24 - 5/8 delivery estimate.  Out of interest, I just went on the website and put the same watch I ordered into the cart and it's now saying anticipated delivery of June.
If you're going to make bold statements like "I can't believe that a colossus like Apple has not enough tine to make enough supply." when you by your own admission don't understand any of the difficulties in actually making things. So, the difficulty of getting a new product to market either isn't common sense, or you don't have any common sense. Oh, and for the record, I have graduated from an engineering university and have put new products into production, so unlike...
Then you know nothing about manufacturing.When you first put a new device into production, it's not a time when throwing more money at a problem will fix it quicker.  Issues have to be worked through before you can ramp production.
I've just been blown away by Apple customer service with regards the watch.   I placed my order (42mm Stainless Steel, Black Classic Buckle) as soon as the iPhone App came back online, but in my panic to press the order button as quickly as possible, I forgot to apply a $350 gift card I had to the order.   Just called Apple Customer Service, and the agent couldn't have been nicer or more helpful.  Applied the gift card for me, helped me with a few other things, just a...
Got my order in at 12:02 PST using the Apple Store app on my iPhone
New Posts  All Forums: