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 Ha! This release has got me hoping even more for a bigger "pro" iPad. With Office on a 12" iPad, I could easily use that as a traveling device, then go for a Mac Pro on my desk at the office.
 So you describe her as "The complete package".  If she were unattractive she would be an incomplete package? I made fun of Ballmer because he ran across the stage shouting "Whoop", "I love this company" and "Developers, developers, developers, developers".  That guys actions were ridiculous, not his appearance. I firmly believe that in an industry where we continue to struggle to find talent, we need to make sure we attract and retain the best people.  Sadly, women are...
Maybe one of the reasons women in tech are as elusive as unicorns is because when they do an outstanding job, the quality of their work is not the thing they are complimented on, it's their appearance. Engineering has a catastrophic problem with recruiting women and it needs to be solved, not ignored.
I wonder if women (or gay men for that matter) feel the need to comment on the attractiveness or otherwise of Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook et al when they do product introductions?   The tech world has a long way to go with its treatment of women.......
I'm really pleased about this.  I could just about get away with only taking an iPad with me when I travel, but for the fact that Numbers just doesn't meet my needs in the way Excel does (and, of course, Excel is pretty much the "standard" where I work).   Now, if they would just improve Excel for Mac, to make it use multi-core processors, that would be a huge bonus too!
Didn't that phone come out ages ago?
 Got it, yeah, I see what you mean. I'll dig in and see what I can figure out. On the one hand, I'd kind of be happy to switch to a Mac Pro at work, then a Macbook Air for on the road, but I'm loathe to give up the 15" Retina MBP I've got at the moment.  Of all the computers I've had, from the Sinclair ZX81 up, it's the only computer I've ever had where I genuinely can't think of anything I don't like about it.
 I don't think so? 4k is 3840 x 2160, so ~8.3m pixelsMy Thunderbolt is 2560 x 1440, so ~3.7m pixels.4k is over twice as many pixels, isn't it?
 No, I've not look at any hacks to make this work.To be perfectly honest, I'll not do anything about 4k until Apple come out with a 4k display.  Looking at the 4k displays some people have at work now, coupled with a Windows machine, I'm not impressed enough to want to ditch my two Thunderbolt displays for a non-Apple 4k monitor. I was kind of aware of the fact that when 4k comes along from Apple I would probably have to switch of the Mac as well, since as well as the...
Gah! Only for late 2013 MBP's, and I've got an early 2013! Might be what finally makes me pull the trigger and buy a new Mac Pro.
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