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I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but I hadn't tried Siri for about two years since it was absolutely hopeless (for me) when it first launched. I tried it again last week, and was blown away by how good it is. I don't have an especially easy to understand accent, yet it gets everything right now - it's absolutely fantastic!
It's not on the banking side if your bank supports it. HSBC, the second biggest bank in the world, still don't support it. Fuckers!
This is why Apple succeeds where Google fails. For Glass, Google went out of their way to make sure only dorks had them. I associated them with looking like a boring git before they were even for sale. Apple gets that they need to get them in the hands of "cool" people first.
Yeah, I think what's different here though is that Apple from memory tend to give their employees 25% off one item per year, 20% off another, and 15% off everything. 50% is more than they normally give. Not a bad move though.  My experience is giving your employees electronics has a disproportionate impact on their happiness.  Giving all my software guys two Thunderbolt monitors has given far more happiness than increasing their pay by $2k would have!
Apple employees tend not to be able to get the discounts until supply constraints are gone.
 That's really useful, thanks Anant.  I think I'm going to go the extra step of running an ethernet cable from my modem to my Mac so I can't suffer some WiFi related mishap as well! Out of interest, when you've managed to get an order in within the first 15 minutes, has that usually equated to a release day delivery?
 That you conflate homosexuals with child molesters is risible.
If you want to live your life according to some made up horseshit from 2000 years ago, fair play to you.  Don't assume to discriminate against people who don't.
I heard a similar argument from the right saying that "liberals" (is there anything more demonic in the US!) are hypocrites because they want equality for homosexuals in Indiana, but are also wanting a nuclear deal with Iran, who demonize gay people. They don't seem to understand that just because you can't make everything better, it doesn't mean you shouldn't try to make something better. If Cook and others are able to play a part in making the world a more equal place,...
I've never bought an Apple product on release, so I don't know what to expect, but I'll be up at midnight next Friday in an attempt to get one delivered on release day.  Conveniently, free practice for the Chinese Grand Prix will be on TV at the same time, so no hardship staying up!   Anyone who has ordered something like an iPhone as soon as they become available, how easy is it to get an order in?  Are Apples servers generally reliable, or should I be expecting...
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