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 That's why you'd use a dry pump, like they've been using in the semiconductor industry for, oh, ages (at least 20 years).  That's not exactly a difficult problem to solve. This whole article sounds like horseshit.
Someone will be talking to him from one of the big companies.  Question is will they be able to afford him.  The really good hackers make a very good living from bug bounties.  The honest hackers are a good thing all told.
I'm kind of hoping the fact that the Sport doesn't look all that much different to the Watch, combined with the fact that the internals are the same, will encourage the masses to go for the Sport, increasing my chance of getting an Watch on release day!
Obviously I apologize if this is a false assertion, but my guess is you've never had a really top quality leather strap. I'd have said the same as you until I got a leather strap for my Omega (strap made by Omega), and the quality is just superb.  It doesn't look any different now to how it did brand new.
Thanks for pointing out they have actual size renderings on the Apple Store App.  I'd kind of assumed I'd be getting the 42mm, but having compared with my existing watches, 38mm will be better for me.   So, 38mm stainless steel with black leather strap and classic buckle for me.
My thoughts exactly.  I thought we'd managed to get over the spec wars - seemingly not. If you think the Apple Watch is shit, don't buy one.  I'm sure Apple will manage. If you like the look of it, pick one that you can afford and buy it.
18 hours is fine for me, since I don't wear my watch when I'm sleeping, it's no big deal to charge it at night. What I hate though, is Apples current trend of describing things that don't last 24 hours as "all day".
Blew my mind when I decided I wanted to replace the strap on the Breitling.  I had no idea how much these things cost until then!
 Have you ever looked at how much watch straps cost for decent watches?   Here's the strap I currently have on my Breitling - http://www.authenticwatches.com/breitling-24-20-brown-crocodile-deployment-straps.html#.VP30e0I6vTw $595. The steel bracelet on my Omega - http://www.authenticwatches.com/omega-seamaster-bracelet-1502-824.html#.VP30tEI6vTw $695. The strap on my Baume & Mercier...
Many people on the internet struggle to grasp the concept that things cost money.
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