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That's such a lazy argument.  It basically boils down to, if you don't slavishly think Apple are perfect, don't have an opinion, just change to something else.   I happen to not think Google Maps is perfect.  I think the interface, when compared with Apple Maps, is a pile of shit.  Nokia's offering (Here Maps) has some plusses and minuses as well.   However, the opinion I'm airing is that if I had my druthers, Apple would sort out the search, since I'd like to be able to...
That's all well and good, but the interface Maps has (on iOS) is already impressive.  The problem is the search facility is awful.  It's taken me to places that don't exist so many times that I only use Google Maps now.   In terms of the version for the Mac, having just started using a new beta of Google Maps in a browser, Apple have a fight on their hands here.  The new Google Maps is very impressive.
The Metro interface was quite innovative.   It was shit, but it was quite innovative!
I've only seen two people wearing glass so far and they looked like such stereotypical nerds that I was put off for life. Google needed to give the first batch to cool people. Not to a bunch of dorks.
I see the Metro interface in screenshots and videos and think, "that looks pretty neat".   Then I actually use it and think, "that's a piece of shit".   I think the problem is (and you see it in the ads for the tablets), Microsofts got it in their heads that were all ultra cool, urban hipsters who incorporate dancing with our tablets in meetings, and obviously want to constantly change our desktop look and feel to show how hip and individual we...
  Took around 4 months for the first one I reported, and 5 months for the second (they were actually reported at about the same time).   These weren't small errors either, the railway station in Darlington (town of 100,000, annual passengers 2.5 million), wasn't shown at all, but a tiny station 4 miles away, called Croft Station (village of 470, annual passenges 0 since the station closed in 1969 and was demolished in the 1970s) was.   Reporting the problem on the phone...
When your ads are as much about highlighting what your competitor can't do as they are what you can, you probably don't have a great product.
This whole discussion seems to hinge on what you have a car for. If you see it as a way to get from A to B, having luxuries like a nice electronics system will likely matter. If you are interested in the driving experience, you will not care as much. The electronics (specifically nav system) in my Porsche is absolutely dreadful. A UI so bad that I assume it was designed by a monkey. However, the car is so much fun that I just couldn't care less.
I turn off WiFi every morning as I leave the house to walk the dog, because otherwise TuneIn Radio plays the NPR, "This audio stream is brought to you courtesy of xxx" message when I first start listening and it's on my WiFi, then again when I get out of range of WiFi and LTE takes over. Very annoying! What I like more than that though, as a regular flyer, is the easy access to airplane mode. I'm sure there's going to be lots of things in iOS7 that I'll like, but it's...
  Michael Dell made a shit offer - that's the problem.
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