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I know they're never going to please everyone, so I'll just have to get over it, but I wish they were releasing the new 6 "stuff" in the old size as well. I'll be interested to see the 6, but my current 5s is just tremendous.  I like everything about it, and find the size the sweet spot and if I had my druthers, my next phone wouldn't be any bigger than the one I have.   I'm totally excited about the NFC and mobile payments though, so I'll end up with the 6.
Well, I'll be interested to see one.  I have to admit, it does look nice, but what it actually does will be the key thing for me.   My problem is my watch is a piece of jewelry first, and a timepiece second.  As a piece of jewelry, I don't want to wear the same thing on my wrist as everyone else does, so the fact that I can see this selling loads makes me less likely to want one. Unless I'd find it useful enough to make it a useful "thing" instead of primarily a piece...
Will be interesting to see the take-up they get with stores introducing the contactless payment stations.  I'd love this to get widespread acceptance and allow me to stop carrying my wallet once and for all.
I assume since their own devices aren't selling as well as they forecast, Samsung will have a surplus of DRAM manufacturing capacity, hence they're dropping prices.
Jesus that's in bad taste.
Ha, ha!  Very true. This one seems worse than most.
 Fucking hell we have a first world problem here.
I've had two in the last couple of months, previously none.
This is AppleInsider comments at it's best.   All of the reasons cited for why the schools couldn't make the iPad work are being blamed on the school.  And quite so, you can see that if the schools had better administrators, a more forward thinking view of IT, better support etc. they might have been able to make the iPad work.   But hopefully Apple don't sit there and blame the school.  If Apple wants to win the schools market, and if they believe iPad is a viable...
You do realize that the market is down across the board today. Not everything is a conspiracy against Apple.
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