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Pretty pleased with the price of this one.  I'd read some rumors that it was going to be ~$1500, which would have been far too much for me, but I'll happily spend up to $1000.
Is Excel finally multi-threaded?   For some of the massive spreadsheets I'm forced to use, it's significantly faster to launch Windows in Parallels and use Excel for Windows than it is to use the native Mac Excel.
Wow, this post has gone of on a strange weed based tangent.   As for he actual article, while new shirts are fine, I hope she starts tacking some of the bigger issues in the stores.  The one I used to go to in Valley Fair, San Jose has become an unpleasant experience.  There are far too many staff, who spend far too much of their time talking to each other.  Even when the store is busy.  The whole thing isn't nearly as slick as you would expect from Apple.   It was the...
Ha ha! My Breitling is waterproof to 10 atmospheres (God knows why), but I still take it off in the shower.  Or if I'm going swimming.  Or if I'm going to sleep.
"34,000 handsets "every hour, 24 hours a day, every day of the quarter." How the hell are they making them that fast?
I do wonder how many times he intends to re-use the screen grab of that Tweet with the chart, that he seems so excited about.
I think Time have made a good decision this year. All too often they pick someone incredibly controversial just to increase their sales, but the people who've been putting their own lives at risk to save others are worthy of praise like this.
Silicon Valley in general is doing pretty poorly with attracting diverse talent.  We do well attracting people of Asian ancestry, but not so well elsewhere (and don't get me started with how poor engineering remains at attracting women). This almost certainly is leading to the Valley missing out on some great talent.  I don't recall the numbers, but there was an interesting report on NPR last week talking about the percentage of tech employees of African American ancestry...
Yeah I am as well.  I've got an iPad Mini (the original) and an iPad 2, and I've not managed to find a use case for either of them that's greater than browsing and playing the odd game.  I tried to use it as a Macbook replacement, but it just didn't cut it, so I've not found it useful at work at all.The truth is, I'm not going to pay to regularly update something that fits my use cases so well with a much earlier model. If they do a 13", I really can see that fitting into...
Sure.  That's why I wouldn't pay $4500 for an Apple Watch.  $350 is fine though.
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