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I don't know where you are from or what business practices you are familiar with. I have lived and worked in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and the USA. For better or for worst, there are markedly different approaches to both life and business. Typical in the USA is 6 days a week plus evening hours. Typical in Europe is about 5 days a week, multiple hour closures at lunch time and no evening hours. Signs on doors saying "out for a bit" are common.  Holidays are...
Yes, we have Apple Premium Resellers in Switzerland as well. Two days ago I priced a 15" rMBP.  $2,000 higher than the US Apple Store, after VAT.    The problem is not French law or Apple competitive practice, its the fact small European retailers expect to make a very good living doing very little to nothing. And a popułation that tolerates this. As France is seeing in many ways, this approach does not work.   I ordered from the USA.
Oh, this really excites me. Other than non-destructive editing, little to nothing sets iPhoto and Aperture apart anymore.  Then there's .mac replaced by iCloud PhotoStream. Which has zero organizational abilities -- post two pics that were taken back to back and they display several photos apart in an album. No, perhaps .mac was replaced by iCloud Journals. Must make sense, its iOS only. No, iPad with iPhoto only. No again, won't run on iOS 5 which is all iPad 1's can...
I used to keep an iCloud Journal for photo sharing. About 1,000 images, perhaps 20 people accessing it. There was not a week that would go by that either I or one of my friends noted it was down. I left and came back a few months ago. It was down the day I wanted to load it as well as the next day. Down again last week. Nice idea but it takes execution to make it happen. Something that appears missing these days. But then the only way to load it is with an iPad. Perhaps a...
I suppose from a techy pov that's great. Now perhaps Apple could address how I can get Safari in my Mountain Lion installs to run as quick as my Snow Leopard installs. 
What's amazing is BMW's electronics have been a disaster for years. Advanced yes but user friendly no. We're on our 6th BMW in 13 years. Every model is different. The interface, getting BMW interface cables to work, format of flash cards for audio, USB port capability, BT functionality, etc, etc, etc.
Just what my 4 year old wanted.
"Shut up folks. Who are you guys to dictate which article shouldn't be posted in this site? If it doesn't interest you, just ignore, don't click and move on. Tech news are rare during weekend anyways." Those "guys" are people like you that read stuff that offends them and comment.
No problems with 6.1 here. Used GPS over the weekend and reception and battery were just fine. But then, I don't have any issues with the Maps app as well.
Great. The least accurate maps app gets an assist from the 2nd least accurate. Perhaps in regions with relatively intelligent users, Waze is ok. Here in Florida, it's a joke. It's inaccuracy is close to 50% in my large metropolitan area. 
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