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Code: Because using ios with the new AI is a complete disaster. That's why no one responded to your topic until now.
This is the first time I've returned to AI in probably a month. It went from a several times a day site to hardly ever. I use an iPad and the site is a huge mess on anything other than Safari and just a big mess on Safari.
No one is going to build in the USA. It's too much nonsense to deal with.  A poorly educated labor force. Every municipal, county, state and arm of the US government passing conflicting laws willy nilly, labor laws that vary all over the map, no standardized forms of insurance or pensions, consultants, lawyers and pr people required constantly. Then comes the constant threat of unions and law suits from an industry of lawyers.    Ive both opened and closed plants in the...
Won't just be this year.
On an iOS device, the new site does not work. It stutters all over the place, can lock the screen and entering text is a nightmare. I use an iPad 1 and 3 and an iPhone 4s, all on ios 5.    The the admin: check my usage since the new site. You will see its down about 90%. If that was your objective, you have succeeded. 
Have you looked below the water line?  You see, boats actually float on water. They go up and down with the water.  Thus, it's below the waterline that counts. It's built by Feadship. Perhaps they could use some of your expertise as surely the most prestigious of yacht builders is lacking in the engineering department.    If you are referring to breaking waves, no design is going to take them much better or worst. It's a pounding either way. That's why 99% of these boats...
What better evidence that MS has no clue how to grow a company and prosper. They're apparently not interested in the "recreational" market. Which happens to be where all the growth is these days. It's not quite time to add MS to the large heap of American companies that have already failed or are well on their way to failure. The more I look at tech in the commercial arena, the more I see non US products where the USA used to rule. Medical being the most pronounced.
I really feel sorry for you.  I can feel your anger.  Tough way to get through life.  Its tough when the brain cannot do its job.
Is there anything Koreans don't copy?  In my many years I have never purchased a Korean company labeled product.   They copy, they get preferential treatment from the USG for strategic reasons (North Korea).  They can exist on otther people's money.
This is a cultural distinction between East and West. In the East, what we call copying is considered normal business practice. Look at Japan, China or Korea. They "adopt" and improve. They do a good job of it and they certainly do not believe they've done anything wrong.    The reason this is all coming to a head is after decades of doing nothing to protect US companies by protecting our strategic interests (building strong nations sympathetic to US ambitions),...
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