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Oh great. Change for the sake of change. A wonderful strategy that has sunk countless American companies. 
Who's living  in the cave? You believe most people care about this sort of stuff. I was rather surprised 65% do know.
Just because some corrupt Congressmen pass laws at the behest of their special interest supporters does not mean the law is for the public good.  Anti trust law needs to adopt to the realities of the market and not further entrench monopolistic positions. In this case Amazon.   Law is a byproduct of politics. Perhaps take off your rose colored glasses.
Oh wonderful. Here's a group of people who get even less done than those hard working civil servants we have in Washington. Not to mention the simple fact they have zero jurisdiction.  
"So Europe has us beat on cell phone data packages, we have them beat on cable connection. Which would you rather have?"   Yes, I'm really crying about the lack of cable in my Swiss residence. I have to make do with 100mbps fiber, landline, iPhone unlimited voice and text + 250mb plan, superb movie download service, tv that delivers channels from all over the world and a great modem/wifi router good enough that I retired my AEBS.  But I have to spend $129/month for...
  Do you have trouble reading?
I just asked a room full of people when the last time they used their ODD. Other to rip video to avoid using the ODD and have network centric distribution, responses ranged from over a year to they could not remember.  It's a trade-off for some.  I made it with my Air just fine.  Others may have a legitimate need for an ODD and they will always be available in one form or another.  But the advantage of freeing up the space is a very major plus.  As computing devices get...
I assume the OpenStreetMaps comment is sarcasm.  The only thing "killer" about OSM is the fact you could turn onto one of their streets and end up in the water.  That's exactly what would happen in my neighborhood.  About half the streets are labeled wrong, depicted wrong or, don't exist.  There are streets going over large bodies of water that do not exist.  The neighborhood was tracted in the 1930's and is in a large metropolitan area.  Not to mention each gps app uses...
Great idea, throw away half the data and call it an improvement. RAW is used by serious photographers who need the headroom afforded by raw files.
What's with all the discussion on drives? LaCie makes enclosures, that's the part a drive goes into. Their enclosures are garbage. I have seen at least a dozen fail. They fail so fast, the drives never get a chance to fail. Seagate will dump LaCie's decent styling in favor of cheap plastic. Install their drives. And, wonder why yet another acquisition did nothing for the bottom line. At which point the suits will label it a successful defensive acquisition.
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