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The issue is not the tax rate or loopholes. It is the lack of investment opportunities in the USA. Tech companies invest in R&D or expensive manufacturing plants. With the low education levels found in the USA and resulting low job skills, coupled with a pretty expensive workforce (benefits paid by the employer rather than the state, poor work ethic, too busy with personal business while on the job), investments take place outside the USA. That's where the money is...
There's tons of evidence. I used to work for an interconnect company's specializing in aviation. We used filters to deal with interference and the technology is not iron clad. The old fleets are full of this stuff and it's not foolproof.
Everyone who posts about Sony's mistakes will be right. They have made so many they have a complete mess on their hands. With a share price below book value, there are massive write-downs to come. I expect they will be forced to bust themselves up and be sold off in pieces. Unfortunately, it will take so long to get to this point, the brand will have zero value -- perhaps it already does, I'm getting old.
"If the authorized unlock is completed successfully, users are met with the message: "Unlock Complete. Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked. To set up and sync this iPhone, click Continue." Don't be concerned if you don't get the message. I had my carrier in Europe unlock my iPhone and no message. It's worked great with 3 different services, an OS upgrade and 2 resets set up as new. Needs to be done with the carrier you started with (non issue in the USA). It...
Probably right as China and India dwarf any other area in terms of mobile phones in use. Like the USA, cheap is paramount in their purchase decisions and that's where Android excels. Which is why discussions like this are like comparing Ford's growth rates to BMW's. Irrelevant.
? I just looked at my 10.6.8 install of 10.5.4. The only cookies in there are what I would expect. Closed Safari and restarted. Old cookies gone, a few new ones.
Perhaps for people who don't travel. We have at least 5 sims, 3 different carriers in this house and they are swapped frequently. There's a reason why sims are popular, if not a world wide standard, and it's not due to regulatory whims. People like them as they provide for far more flexibility than you can get in the USA where you need to buy a new phone, along with a multi-year contract, simply to switch carriers.
It may be a valid complaint. But to post it on the web? If everyone who was inconvenienced by late deliveries or late appointments posted a comment in the web it would collapse. I'm also waiting for mine. I will do the same thing I do for any other scheduled delivery. Live my life as I choose and when I get a slip on my front door, make arrangements accordingly.
That's completely offset by the fact they rely on Apple for their os and design.
Check the app store. There are a few apps that will transfer the camera roll between iOS devices over wifi.
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