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I am two generations beyond the generation you refer to. However, I would suggest you "flex your brain" and look into your thoughts. You are making the same statements that were made in the middle ages, not to mention numerous other periods in our history. Books met the same criticism, as was the telescope, the world was round, etc., etc., etc. You are displaying a lack of trust in people's abilities to navigate through the pro's and con's of any new technology and...
Nor will BMW ever outsell Ford.
Yes and if you don't include the + and country code you will likely have cross platform issues even in the USA. While Contacts is pretty free form, the world of telephony, other than the USA, adheres to standards.
Apple has (perhaps had) the instructions on how to rollback the 3G on their support site. 3.1.3 was also available for those that could not find the time to look in their iTunes directory and see if a copy was in there. The instructions on how to restore and select whatever older iOS you desire (on the 3G that's possible) have always been on the support site. I understand your comment re frustration but a little bit of knowledge about a fairly expensive purchase they...
Not sure where you are daylove but with Swiss carriers the subsidized iPhone is cheaper than in the US (though it varies depending on the plan) and the plan costs are lower, in Italy and the UK, the plans are so dirt cheap the unlocked iPhone is a no brainer (relative to the US). I've had iPhone experience in these three countries and from what I hear from travelers, much of Europe is a better deal than the USA for iPhone buyers, subsidized or unsubsidized. Plus, if you...
A basically unlimited plan on ATT runs $135/month. A better plan on T-Mobile runs $90/month including $10/month for an excellent international calling plan, something ATT does not offer. The price difference between a subsidized and an unlocked 32 gig iphone is $450. Basically in 10 months you pay it off.For those of us who do a lot of overseas travel, its really nice. I hated having to drag out the old unlocked cheapo every time I traveled (a lot) and drag a Touch...
While I understand the focus of the article, the event is the market for a traditional PC is dying much quicker than anyone wants to admit. ARM will succeed because its in the right place at the right time. Not at all so for Intel. I look at my iMac and realize it's become nothing more than a boat anchor. It syncs iDevices, so can our media server if we choose to dump the iMac. Then there's the 2nd gen Air. Haven't seen it in months.
It probably took me less time to rollback my 3G from 4 to 3.1.2 than it took you to write your rant. I am starting to understand why the court system in the USA is such a mess. Everyone appears to prefer suing than learning enough to support the toys they choose to buy.
It's extremely simple to downgrade the 3G. It's nothing more than dfu mode and selecting whatever iOS flavor you want. There are no blobs with the 3G. I would assume anyone on this site would know this.
Then you need some help selecting a phone plan. We have two unlocked iPhones in the family and certainly don't pay anything close to the egregious rates ATT charges for subsidized or wholly owned phones. Like less than half with more minutes and gb's. Yes, I have 2G download speeds. And from Florida up to Washington DC where I spend a lot of time, 2G is just as fast as the crap 3G signal I can get on our iPad 3G (ATT), when I can get a signal.
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