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It's no different in the iPhone world. It's the same market. I don't update unless it's really compelling. Lion was not, anything after 3.1.2 was not. It's a phone, not a life.
You have to watch out for these. I'm still on 3.1.2 and encounter this problem. First, save a copy of the old version outside of iTunes. Second, for those apps, be careful on updates, check what versions are supported before you download. Even if you do download, the older version will remain in the phone. Moral, don't restore (perhaps from a backup would be ok, don't know). If you do lose it, you can find old versions on the web along with how to install. I simply pull...
Absolutely correct, you really must be tech conscious to buy a cell phone. By the way, which group are you one of?
You are a bit out of touch with the average (that's the market) cell phone user. We use cell phones to make phone calls and send texts. The rest is icing on the cake and my 3G serves me just fine.
Try iPad, try Apple Store. Amazon sells a ton of them, always have.
His ISP is probably also doing Split Browsing. Most, if not all, the majors do. But hey, they gotta find find something to carp about if it's not Apple.
I refuse to carry one. My comp started going up substantially about the same time I started refusing. There's an inverse relationship between employees with phones and their productivity.
Adobe's Bridge came prepacked with mine. While I don't care for the fact its a separate app its the best photo browser available on the Mac (I must have tried at least a dozen over the years). Resort in the browser window, its will remember the sort or you can easily and quickly batch rename and move the files anywhere or any app to hold sequence. Superb for loading onto an iPad and having a coherent customer presentation. Plus a lot of other useful functionality if...
I would not be too sure of that. PSE is a very good photo editor with an excellent browser, at a fraction of the price of Photoshop. I started with Photoshop, went to PSE for the laptops, tried all of Apple's attempts to compete plus a half dozen other photo editors but I'm still using Photoshop on the desktops and PSE on the laptops. Oddly enough, several friends went through the same cycle I did and are also defaulted to PSE. iPhoto is iPhoto: limited browser...
Thanks for saving me the trouble of saying the same thing. Does not appear to be quite as intelligent though.
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