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He understands it just fine. You need to brush up on Apple History 201.
?? It's untethered. Always has been.
That's not the solution. As the poster said, it's the power supplies that fail. The drive and the data are fine. I was buying Lacie drive enclosures in the 80's and had constant power supply issues. Sometimes it's just the supply, sometimes it fries the board on the way out. Move on 20 years and still the same problems. I gave up on Lacie in the 80's but I watched 4 out of 4 power supply failures on less than 3 year old Lacie drives last year. OWC is all I buy, out of...
Not a chance at 10 hours or anything remotely close. I use Click to Flash and rarely open flash content, 4 hours. Started at 5, lasted a few months then down to 4.
"We're sorry. This player is not enabled for HTML5 delivery." A Conde Nast publication. Not withstanding the fact I have yet to see a single magazine transfer well to the iPad, Conde Nast sites are riddled with iPad issues than should/could have been solved ages ago.
I spent about 30 years in US manufacturing primarily moving jobs out of the US. Do you think operations in China have extensively staffed Human Resources departments, with a host of consultants for all sorts of nonsense to make our pampered workers happy? Do you think operations in China have a well staffed legal group and tons of outside counsel that is constantly defending the company from frivolous lawsuits, many brought by employees? Do you think Chinese management...
The vast majority of iPhone users has never heard of an up and coming v5. They have enough trouble using their v4's. Verizon is the Proctor and Gamble of the phone industry. Cheap low functionality phones and poor customer service.
Because people are sick and tired of their TV area looking like an electronic mess -- as you so very well describe. Not to mention all the media incompatibilities you also do such a good job of describing. The day we plugged a mini into our tv was the day we threw all that junk in the garbage.
Yes, it is in the United States. That's why the US has one of the least corrupt governments in the world. Conflicts of interest and bribery are perfectly legal.
Media is dead due to content not method of delivery. Not worth reading for free, certainly not worth paying for.
New Posts  All Forums: