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No argument other than "shitty phones". After a year of using my 3G I went back to my Razr plus a Touch. If I need a phone, I need a good one. With the Razr I get way more signal drawing power than the iPhone. ATT both ways. Stronger no matter where I go. I is very noticeable. There's a 200 mile trip I take where the iPhone is useless for at least a third of the trip. The Razr is solid the entire way. Not saying the iPhone is shitty. But as a phone only, it leaves...
There's another issue as well. Apple, in a sense, vets their buyers. Go into a Radio Shack or a Costo and look at a GT. There's no one in that store who knows much if anything about it and the consumer is totally on their own. With Apple, you have an Apple Store or, at worse, a Best Buy, with often dedicated sales types, trained in the devices and capable of adding some knowledge to the purchase equation. Like a few have mentioned, Apple goes to extraordinary...
Sounds to me like you should not be using a smartphone or you should sue Apple.
If this was a misrepresentation of sales, then every manufacturer that does not sell directly to the public misrepresents sales every quarter.
Go to the first post. The people who purchase an Android phone don't even know Marketplace exists, let alone any of the other issues you mention.
Good. The iPad's browsers (all of them) need some serious work. Whether it's true or not, the attention this brings to the iPad will cause Apple to improve things.
Available on Amazon for $30. Read the reviews before you order.
Another effort by paid public servants which will have no impact other than to further hassle those delusional travelers that believe a policy has any meaning to the security employees. I now automatically unpack my iPad. The first 2 out of 3 trips I was asked to unpack it. You can all feel safe now. Our Homeland Security folks will protect us with their cunning intelligence and commitment to firmly enforcing known policy.
And after having my iPad for 6 months now I no longer accept it's limitations when traveling. I want something small and light. But I also need something that has more functionality than the iPad delivers. For the couch, the iPad is great and serves my purpose 80% of the time. But when I'm on the road, that missing 20% becomes a real problem.
To a much larger audience than you represent.
New Posts  All Forums: