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Why does Appleinsider even post this kind of garbage?  People have been waiting for a month for their order to show up and Apple will begin production of the next phone?  Give me a break.
I must have got lucky.  Got in through the app around 2:02AM CST, got the order confirmation e-mail from Apple with a 2:04AM CST time stamp, delivery of 11/2 (black/16/wifi).
Went with black, the back of it is what sold me (I use an invisbleshield). I wonder if they didn't produce as many white/silver for launch? Or ran into QC issues with white (thus fewer available)?
Too funny.  Glad it's server side and not software.  Avoided a huge PR nightmare if it was software.
I was able to get it working again after connecting to the WiFi, showing the details, and backing out what was listed in the DNS. Weird thing is it worked earlier this week on the GM...until this afternoon. Hopefully it's something on Apple's server side they can fix.
Doesn't it make sense to let the consumers know the products that will be available to them before a pre-order of the new iPhone is available?  If a consumer is aware that another device is coming out, they may hold off on the pre-order and wait to check out the other device when it's released.   I know this won't affect a large percentage of people, but this 920 announcement has me potentially holding off on an iPhone 5 pre-order.
As someone who has used every iPhone since the 3G, I'm kind of excited to see what Nokia has to offer.  I've really not been pleased with Exchange integration in iOS.  As a heavy Outlook user at work, I am interested in what Nokia will bring to the table.  Kind of glad it's before the Apple announcement so I know what else is available before the pre-order of the iPhone!
See what?  It's just another account you can add in a list?  Are you against Apple for having a GMail logo? AOL logo? for when you go to add an account.   How often are you in your system preferences adding and removing accounts?
  Huh?  It's an optional integration.  You don't have to login if you don't want to.  Apple's not forcing you to do anything.
You don't need to pay to be a developer.  Just register at appleseed.apple.com.   Have been doing this since they started testing Lion.
New Posts  All Forums: