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Sorry single people, AT&T hates you and doesn't think you should be Facetiming while out and about.
Don't remember ever reading anything in the release notes about improvements to battery life...
Further fuel to the Amazon phone fire.... Get the ecosystem going and scaled, launch hardware to complement it.
Not saying I'm against what Apple is doing, but pre-release materials refers to the actual software, not registering a UDID.   The below would apply if someone were selling or distributing the actual beta software to someone else.
The flip side to this is Apple's beta testing program is huge compared to just using developer paid accounts only.  All those people leaving 'Send Diagnostics' toggle on are helping Apple get a clearer picture of how iOS 6 is behaving in the world.   IMO, it only makes the OS better in the long run.
The native iPhone calendar app needs some serious attention in iOS6 for Exchange integration. No way to see who has accepted, no way to see availability, attachments are not supported, and it an Update is sent you have no idea what changed as it just looks like another email in the mail client. This is one area Windows Phone blows the iPhone away in.
I really hope they get more storage at a reasonable price.  You can get a 32GB thumb-drive for $20 these days.  Why is it an additional $200 to go from 16GB to 64GB?  And I get it (engineering, cost of materials, different flash used than thumbdrive, etc.).  The 64GB iPod touch should be at $199 by now.
That would be false. Demand for unlocked iPhones has not shifted. Supply has shifted to be higher. If anything, the prices of unlocked iPhones will now drop.
So I'm expected to use two separate IDs for the rest of my life I guess? And hope that I never lose either of those e-mail addresses!
I really can't wait til iCloud and MobileMe are fully combined. Just please then fix the Apple Store ID being different than my MobileMe ID (and thus my iCloud ID). They have to let you start to merge things eventually.
New Posts  All Forums: