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So you didn't buy the iPad or iPad 2? You realize every single device Apple releases is a new hardware design. It may not appear externally but the engineering inside is much more complex. Also, this is software, if it's even a real issue, not hardware.
Some of this is psychology, some of it is environment. When a story like this gets a lot of publicity, people will look for the issue in their iPad at home. They will be a lot more sensitive to it any given time where as had they never heard of the issue, they would not notice. Environment your iPad is in at any given moment can be effected by all sorts of radio signals going on around it. Isolated incidents being reported within a week of launch I take little faith...
I'll still continue to pay for my MiFi through Verizon. Even though it's a contract. I know the iPad can be a hot-spot. I like the flexibility/portability of the Mi-Fi to be on and use with anything, in addition to anyone I am traveling with. There are times when I travel where I don't want to get the iPad out in addition to a laptop. If my company gave us the option to flip on tethering on the iPhone I'd be set.But for Joe Consumer, unless you are in a car a bunch,...
I would imagine Apple Stores will have physical copies on hand for the Genius Bar. Not necessarily for retail distribution.
I have an 11" Air, but wanted to get a Kindle. Returned the Fire after a week. It's a great size/form factor. The Amazon UI and constant lag that be-riddles Android just got old, quickly.
You probably didn't like this website when the Steve Jobs book came out.
Did everyone miss the weird things in this article? Marissa shops at Wal-Mart for her tech? She uses Dropbox? Really? A VP at Google? Wonder if she requested Sergey and Larry to join so she could get an extra 512MB each.
That is really, really sad.
The dev community will have unlock for everything. Apple isn't making a completely separate phone. That would make zero financial/fiscal/supply chain sense. This is more for lowering expectations of people. This phone has both radios. You'll be able to use it anywhere once the dev community gets their hands on it.
Wow JP Morgan. Whatever you're paying those analysts to state the obvious, I'll do it for 1% of their salary.
New Posts  All Forums: