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I will agree...I love my click-wheel nano with camera, best iPod I've owned. Does what it's meant to do flawlessly without trying to do too much (looking at you new Kindle and e-readers). And will be hard-pressed to give up my matte screen MacBook Pro anytime soon.
So you're saying (without using any third party hacking to remove DRM) I can put a movie I own on a thumb-drive, and play it in any mediahub?
You will buy what Apple tells you to buy.
So you don't like the fact a movie you buy on iTunes can only play on an Apple device?
I just wish the Zune store worked on my MacBook Pro and iPod Touch/Nano. I'd love to just pay a flat fee for all the music to stream and store on my device. "Ownership" be damned. It's all electronic. Scarcity is a thing of the past in the new e-conomy.
Sweet, I can see my album artwork even clearer now with retina display! And of course they'll introduce a camera for Face Time on the Touch, that would have been great last year, but then you'd cannibalize the iPhone 4 (since it only works over Wi-Fi)! I love the Apple innovation cycle!
I'm confused...so what's the gain of a web version of iTunes when I can use the software version of iTunes that actually plays songs? So I have to login to the website to see what my "friends" are sharing? Then log in to the software to actually buy the music? Why not just integrate the two....? Is this just going Twitter/Facebook/Social integration just because? I'm a Macbook Pro/iPod Touch multiples of each family, but this is just a let down. Zune store still wins...
People are so caught up in their phone and how others perceive their identity based off their phone. Perhaps we spend a little more time on ourselves and a little less time fighting about our phone of the moment on a message board.
Apple could put whatever they wanted to in the signal bar area and some of you sheep would herd. Steve Jobs should change his title from "CEO, Director" to "Shepherd".
Haven't they been making phones for years now...? And they just now discovered this? Yikes. Or, convenient timing?
New Posts  All Forums: