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Sad thing is there will be a chunk of people with money to burn on launch day in January for AT&T (recenetly raised) ETF's....Sigh...if only some people used their money more wisely.
What were you smoking this morning? Are you serious? AT&T is the best possible choice for heavy data users? You mean various plans depending on your usage with overage charges as you hit different tiers? You must not live in a major metropolitan area and must share property with an AT&T tower to get those kinds of speeds. When I had the 3G for a year and the 3GS for a year in Chicago, never got close to any of those kinds of numbers. On Sprint, my speed (and monthly...
Don't these people have jobs? It's just a phone.
Kind of like how the Apple boys like to dismiss the iPhone issues as "overblown" and "I don't experience it on my iPhone". I'd like to say the same about my Evo. Do not experience any of the "overblown" blog posts on Evo issues. Battery life is excellent, I have no screen seperation, etc, etc.Like you said, I do love Wi-Fi tethering and unobtrusive notifications, and the ability to have a custom homescreen with my information quickly at my fingertips (oh yea, and...
Yikes... So glad to be on Sprint and have my Evo. No work arounds to make a phone call. Disclaimer: Writing this on a Macbook Pro, former 3G and 3GS user who got tired of the same old UI and of course, AT&T.
I can hold my Evo any way (with no rubber bumper) and it makes a call with a great 3G signal. Great 4G signal here in Chicago too for data. Haven't charged it since last night. :-) Commence flaming.........now.
When were these phones made if the residue still isn't dry? Why in the world is Apple shipping phones that aren't even out of the manufacturing cycle completely? I'd hate to think what could happen down the road if internal residue wasn't dry and you started using the device. Yikes.
Lack of character because you assume I am a Gizmodo defender? Geesh. It's getting rough around here. Not a Gizmodo defender, but I don't solely believe sites that align with my own beliefs/interests and dismiss others if they present something I don't agree with. I tend to gather information from as many sources and formulate my own opinions.
You only believe sites that align with your interests?
Yikes.... This guy dropped it on accident today and busted the whole back. Sounds like they might have to give away those ugly bumpers for free to keep their warranty allocation forecast close to actual. http://gizmodo.com/5571658/first-iph...-one+foot-drop
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