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Yikes.... This guy dropped it on accident today and busted the whole back. Sounds like they might have to give away those ugly bumpers for free to keep their warranty allocation forecast close to actual. http://gizmodo.com/5571658/first-iph...-one+foot-drop
Completely agree. It's sad.
Looks like this issue is becoming pretty prevalent on Apple Support: http://discussions.apple.com/thread....art=0&tstart=0
Is that gonna fix faulty screens too?
Where are all the Apple fanboys now who screamed "build quality" when the Evo had issues? Hope you all don't have to use bluetooth to make a call for the next year until you upgrade!
Not only is everyone here Tech Insiders, but also all Manufacturing/Logistics/SCM experts! We could open up a Consultancy!
I thought the Evo had the massive screen fail?
Maybe your perfect iPhone isn't so perfect anymore. How does it go from "nary a scratch" to having scratches? Shouldn't these have showed up on the phone then? Reading the Engadget article, sounds like they showed up randomly after "normal" usage.I would imagine a lifetime for an iPhone is much more mistreated than what they can do in 5 days. You're reading way too much into their review. Time will tell once these hit the real world, no pun intended.
It's sad how devote people are to a company, who at the bottom line have the best interests of shareholders first and foremost. And 12 months from now they'll stand there again as the lust for the next phone ensues...and we'll be reminded 12 months from now just what we were missing with the iPhone 5 and how dated the technology of the iPhone 4 will be. What I really question is when does Apple break this yearly cycle? It can't go on forever due to network capacity...
What a strong point. I hate Lucky Charms so I guess I have a "more limited selection" when it comes to the cereal aisle. ::sarcasm::
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