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So what are Apple's plans for all the old iPhones? Are they encouraging people to recycle them? Resell them? Put them in a closet? With 600,000 iPhone 4's already pre-ordered, that's a lot of new electronic waste in the next week. Unfortunately, the third party selling market is going to be saturated like no other. Great time for someone on AT&T to pick up a cheap 3GS off-contract or 3G.
As for your first question, it's really just having fun with folks in here and ruffling the feathers. It's good to think outside the box. When did I say "Apple iPhone users are a bunch of mindless lemmings/tools"? Just curious, I don't remember typing that even though you're quoting me as saying that. And, if you did some research (not sure where you pulled 90% from), Apple iPhone from Dec 2010-May 2010 has a customer satisfaction rating of 77%. Not saying that's bad,...
Interesting article. Guess that guy's results are different mine and the other hundreds of "reports" and message board threads of people who get "expected" battery life.Interesting he points out the navigation, what are the free alternatives on the iPhone for that? What's battery life like on the iPhone when running the free navigation? I digress.The battery life argument is so ridiculous. I love when people start complaining about battery life as soon as they get the...
What will be more revealing will be the adds AT&T receives as new accounts. If everyone is just replacing their iPhone they already own, demand may come back down quickly after launch. The figures going forward after July will be the telling ones.
Then why do they charge for voice calls? Certainly wasn't a feature I could use on AT&T!
From the article: "(Note that, as far as I know, this number only accounts for Sprint stores — not third party sellers like WalMart, RadioShack, etc. Even then, this number could be incorrect, depending on how the employee uncovered the number and any updating latency involved. I doubt Sprint’s going to confirm its accuracy, so take it with a grain of salt.)" I'm done festering with you folks now, enjoy your day!
All news to me! Heats up like a waffle iron? Screen's peeling apart? Apple always releases products where not a single unit has a quality defect? My screen wasn't even level on my 3GS! And I do love my 4G service, even paying extra for it is cheaper than AT&T :-)
Wow. Quite exaggerated posts there. My battery life is actually fine. I charged it to 100% before I left work yesterday. Used some 4G on the bus home, some this morning, little bit of navigation and other web browsing, texting, calls, etc. and I'm down to 54%. But I'll let you believe what you want, at least I can place a call now in Chicago :-)Might want to re-evaluate how much you read into Engadget rumor mongling!
Nope, mine's in perfect shape. Much better than my cracked corners white iPhone 3GS after 1 month of use (with no abuse)!
What a mess...! Glad I went with my Sprint Evo. Great service, great device, no security breaches, and no iPhone 4 lottery (and a ton cheaper per month to boot!).
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