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As Apple increases market share this issue is inevitable. Get use to it. PCs have been dealing with this for years, not because the systems are horrible but because the quantity and availability of potential infections/installations. Now it is starting to become Apple's issue with their steadily increasing market share.....over half the people I know who were PC 5 years ago are now Mac. With the increase communication of Mac to Mac we will see a lot more of this.
Pretty sure they were referring to opening up the packaging the MBA comes in. You can't just look at to packaged MBA's and tell by the serial which has the newer drives....not yet.
I don't like it....I find the colored scrolls easier to identify.
So Toyota advertising a extremely customizable car on a customized phone is unprofessional.....or genius?
Open mouth, insert foot. Seriously, how can an executive be that dumb to say that about their own product? The iPad/iPad2 are not perfect (darn close) but at least executives at Apple are smart enough not to point out the inadequate parts.
This just in....ATT and Verizon use Windows based PCs to tender a sale for an Apple iPhone. Who cares?
To be honest I have had instances of horrible service from Dell and Apple but never from HP. That is just my luck. I shipped a laptop back to Dell for repair and they shipped me my repaired laptop....only a different model. Took another week before they just ended up crediting me and sending me a new laptop of the same model. I have had several good experiences but that pretty much turned me off Dell. I went into the Apple Store to get a new DVD drive on my...
Office 2008 interface was a PoS. The 2011 is about a thousand times better.
I can't tell you how awesome it is to have all these apps available in one spot and so easy to download and maintain. The app store is great but in the end the customer loses. We lose the creativity of the developers to include abilities that we would enjoy but would deprive Apple of income or security. Apple is greedy....but to be honest, if I was in their shoes I would probably make the same decisions. Does that make me greedy?
Does this mean that Apple now intends to give us specs on all their products ahead of time? Uh Apple? Specs on the iPad2 please....we are waiting. Doubt it....they like to give us a big show and say "shipping today" or "shipping next week." I personally don't think it is a big deal they are lacking performance specs and pricing.....the big deal is they are lacking an actual product and will be for the most part until around the iPad3, then, like the iPhone, it will be...
New Posts  All Forums: