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Yet another reason that makes me dislike the creator of my favorite products. Apple sucks when it comes to this crap.
I think it is wise they don't "enter" into any new products. Let's just hope they fix the products they have.... [Alarm didn't go off this AM]
How can I love a company's products so much and loath their policies at the same time? This is how they encourage and justify jailbreaking.
iTunes is the absolutely WORST piece of software released by Apple. They need to rebuild the thing from the ground up not just patch and bloat it. I want wireless syncing....not Genius. I want folder monitoring....not Ping. I want something that is quick and lite and more visually appealing like FrontRow. Just my opinion.
It is probably to cover the shipping costs....
Black Friday Sale - They'll toss in a second FREE white Apple sticker.
Pretty sure the thing was designed in California, USA and not Liverpool.
Nice job dragging your feet...real Beatles fans ripped their CD's years ago.
Seriously, don't care.
Maybe MS thinks you will keep your XBOX connected to the Internet 100% of the time and there will be times when you won't have your laptop connected to the Internet. Or maybe they are just such a big company that the left and right hands never talk.
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