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Ok, 54% of h.264 is compatible, what percentage of online videos are in h.264? I'm guessing it is tiny.
Can't stand iWork. Can't stand Office 2008. Love the Ribbon, just wish they could make the exact menu system as they have on the PC. Just my opinion.
This just in...Steve Jobs doesn't use a Windows 7 machine.
Yes, they let me download Windows Live Essentials.....for Free.
I paid $1800 for a laptop....pretty sure I'm not asking for anything for free.
Seriously, you think Apple can't afford to pay the developers? You think the profit from this software makes or breaks their bottom line? This is chump change for Apple. Do they charge for iTunes?
Whole industry? Really? The WHOLE industry? I use ChronoSync on my Mac, it's great. Upgrades for life are free. I have Windows Live Essentials on my wife's laptop....Windows Live Essentials 2011 just came out....FREE. Just saying....you must not know the whole industry....
They should be free and just update through the Apple Software Update. How many billions in sales does the Mac do? It is nice you get it free with a new Mac, but it should just be free for upgrades too.
Wow, Full Screen Apps! That is amazing, revolutionary! Nothing at all like Maximize on a PC. /sarcasm This has been my number one complaint about macs since I switched a decade ago....and I have to wait until Summer until I get it....bummer. But still happy it is finally here... Now if they could natively have the menu bar on multiple monitors.....
Thanks for updating your overpriced cloud software Apple! MobileMe should be MobileFree...
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