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that's the next iphone 5...mark my words...
google's business model is based on selling your data to people, do you think they'll be original and invent their own operating system without copying off of apple?
if the new mbps are released around june 11th...when would they be in the stores ready to be bought? 
@techmuncher: LOL you got a brand new account for trolling it seems...good luck!  
next android version should be renamed race for the bottom
i wouldn't be surprised if the google copycats already haven't started their own version which is an exact ripoff but with a different material... and...like all things google...full with vapor!  
it's not like it's a pc trojan...why is it called as such? it requires manual intervention
this is from a company that invented web searching, and then produced several half-baked products...and then stole all the rest... sounds like complete and utter bullshit... android is still a stolen product, and a complete piece of shit...
you seriously made me lol
i'm going to sue apple for making such a nice ipad that makes my heart race every time i use it... this is just so fucking stupid...
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