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Hope this is not true. Anywhere but apartheid racist Israel.
Lucy Koh is of Korean decent. It is right for me to point out that she might be biased, and rule in favor of Samsung. Koreans are best customers of products made by Korean companies. Most Koreans I know here in Orange County California only drive Korean made cars. They buy only Korean cosmetics, electronics, food, etc. They are more nationalistic than Japanese. And they are more racist than Mississipi.
Jandali should have been in solidarity with his son, Steve Jobs first. Charity begins at home. I wonder if he is in contact with Steve's kids after his death. This man should be ashamed of himself.
Mr Johnson will some day quit or retire, both of which are the same thing. He can never accomplish what he did at Apple. JC Penny is neither Apple nor Target. The people he will encounter are people who do not like "change". He is going to encounter innumerable resistance at every level, from management to low level store clerks. Apple employees are proud of their employer. JC Penney employees, just need a paycheck.
Mr Ive deserves his own authority. Apple was dearly gone when Steve was fired, because there was no one to guide the design aspect of Apple products.
Steve Jobs is a world man, not just Apple's. This tribute should have been live on the web, so we can all mourn and celebrate the life of this great man. I hope they release this on Apple website for everyone to see.
I never met this guy, but I like his style. Someone got to be in charge, and he is. He is a go getter. Apple needs him now more than he needs Apple. And Apple better keep him, or he might start his own company. Managers need to be knowledgeable about the product they manage. This guy knows his products and runs them well. We are looking at a future CEO of Apple Inc.
I will have to categorically say that, as an American, you're a disgrace to our society. If the world stops existing at your border, where was the computer you are using to write your nonsense come from. You should be ashamed of your stupidity. And for your bombing practice, I am sure idiots like you don't even volunteer to join the military.
He sure made out well for himself in this deal. More like Platinum than gold, if you ask me.
Adobe will be stupid not to concede. With millions of iOS devices being sold, they will concede or lose out. Steve Jobs was right. Someone had to lead the pack out of the Adobe Flash fold, and Apple did.
New Posts  All Forums: