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AT&T should drop the whole merger, or FCC should order it stopped. There is nothing to settle. AT&T has a distortion reality of what consumer protection is.
ERIC SCHMIDT is a cold-hearted traitor. I still can't understand why Apple Board has not sued this scumbag.
She is cute for a 62-yr old. No biggie, she will get another job. Yahoo was dead already before she arrived. It will take a miracle to resurrect the dead.
No need to hire another security manager. Apple already has too many secrets and security. I say; just bar the drunkards from the sensitive equipments. It is as simple as that. I will understand if someone forgets a products at his girlfriend's house or at the park with the kids. What are these forgetters? Barflies?
Apple should start requiring that only employees who do not drink should be given prototypes. This is getting ridiculous.
This is a JOB KILLER. Many offices will be closed in consolidation process. Thank heavens, someone is finally paying attention to merger-mania.
Apple would have sold millions of these. I hope there is a plan to resuscitate this, otherwise Apple will not be seeking for its return. Jus look at that antennae. Why did Apple shelf this? Here is hoping that the current owner gets more than the last bid price on eBay.
It is pride and anger that is keeping father and son away all these decades. Time waits for no one. Very sad indeed! Someone got to make the first move, before it is too late. If one of them dies, will the other go to the funeral? Has Steve ever met his biological Mom? I hope these are covered in the upcoming biography, otherwise it is not complete. So Steve is Syrian? I have always thought he is Jewish. Nice to know. Jobs, however sounds like Jewish name.
That is a lot of dough. And I am sure it comes with the corporate jet. Is he getting a ONE CENT salary like Steve Jobs?
You can charge and recharge any electronics on an airplane. An airplane engine is a flying power generator.
New Posts  All Forums: