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This is a perfect lawsuit Apple should pursue for monetary damages. DO it now, these Russian criminals got a lot of money too.
This fool should be happy she has a job. In a declining economy with over 30 million people looking for work, any person who has a job should be grateful to the employer. If you don't like it, quit. There are other ways to get a promotion and advancement in a work place, other than checking to see how many of your skin color types are present. Obama is the president. How many black people out of the reported 453 employees in the white house are blacks? Less than 7...
Apple filed for a PATENT in 2009 for this technology about location tracking. It is not a bug. They need to come out and admit that they made a mistake. I am not against location tracking. I have nothing to hide. It may one day save a man from wrong conviction and death sentence. It could also help catch a criminal. It could help locate a missing person. It could help locate a person in case of an accident. There are many good ways this technology is good. But there are...
T-MOBILE said on its website; NO iPHONE.
This does not make sense. I think it will result in users damage to the device. How think can it get. The newest iPhone, iPod Touch, and now iPad are all already thinner than the competition. How thin can they get? Fragility must be taken into account. Collapsible plastic that bulges out is a bad idea, in my opinion.
I will get my first iPad this weekend, especially for the new GarageBand. It rocks! The next question is; "What will I do with my black Macbook and my 8-core Mac Pro?". Of course the new iPad2 won't replace my iPhone 4, but it is sure to make me use my iPhone less.
It is common sense to expect that A5 will be in the next iPhone. Apple is not going to debut the next iPhone with same A4 it used last year, when other phone makers are already ahead in speed.
With so much business dealings with Apple, they should stick with iPad. There is an Apple Store in every Best Buy. So, Steve should send them a subtle message that convey the message that "either iPad or highway".
Hell NO! Apple is not that desperate. iPad does not belong in such a place. Office Depot & Office Max, may be. Not Khols or Bed & Bath. Hello? This is a computer product. With an Apple Logo. This guy must be out of his mind. It sounds like what that shit-head did to Apple when Steve was away. HELL NO!
Microsoft can't make a phone. It can't even make a good software for a phone. Why is it fighting for "App Store"? To sell Windows? To sell Word? AS A NOTE: Microsoft just dumped Danger it paid $500 million for, and wasted hundreds of millions more on. Sidekick owners will lose their service effective March 31st, 2011. Steve Balmer is an idiot. No talent, only threatening and buying products he doesn't understand. When will the Board of Directors fire this moron?
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