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Here is a State that understands what is important. In most states, especially in California, they spend the school money for the Prisons Industrial Complex. Shame on you Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Nazi! Way to go, State of Maine! You have shown that children is the future.
Why is it that these copycats never come up with their own ideas until Apple starts selling it. I guess that's new American revolution; "Copy from your competitor and see how many millions you can make your victims". Way to go Dell and Microsoft.
Welcome back Steve! Now that the rumors are over, the next phase is about to be ushered in. Whatever it may be, Apple fans all over the planet are waiting for another big bang. I for one, I am looking forward to Palm being kicked out of iTunes. We love you, Steve. Get well soon!
It surprises me that these well paid executives leave a solid company with unlimited potential to try something new and shaky. It is like leaving a boat in the middle of the ocean, jumping in the water, so you might catch a bigger fish. The risk with this mentality is that not only you may never catch the bigger fish, you can also drown. But then, when you have a life jacket ( big bank account and stocks ), you can jump ship even when there is no land in sight. Money can...
New Posts  All Forums: