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Not me for sure. I am not as happy as I would with my GSM iPhone, but I am fine. Everyone does need the same features, but it is good to have it just in case. This distinction will make most people think twice about switching from AT&T to Verizon. My most dislike for the CDMA iPhone, is not being able to search and talk at the same time. I fell in love with my first iPhone in 2007, when I realized it could do that. And I am still in love with my iPhone 4 with GSM radio.
The frightful pics are at gawker.com as of 5:15pm pacific time. They are ugly, and it may make you cry. I am hoping the pics are not real. We love Steve, and want him to enjoy some of what he has given the world.
Every phone manufacturer wishes to make a phone like iPhone 4. And every carriers want to sell it. What else do you need to know. Oh, and Apple wants to keep the profit no lower either. All these are proof that you can't keep a good thing down, no matter what a few idiots say at Consumer Reports.
Yes, I hope it happens very soon. You get your phone from Apple or any store, plug it to your computer and see the service prices side by side for comparison. And boom, you make your choice of whom becomes your carrier. That will really be a hit with consumers. For the carriers? Who cares! They have ripped us off long enough.
The most stupid ad I have ever seen. I don't own a TV and I don't watch sports, so events like Superbowl are non-event in my life. And for spending millions on a piece of shit like this ad, Motorola marketing dept, needs to be dismantled. These guys, absolutely have no clue of what they are doing. I can't believe what I just saw.
The best is yet to come. Wait until the next iPhone comes with faster processor and bigger ram. iPhone got its name just to get the public to buy into it. But the capability of the iPhone is beyond regular consumer. Phone call is less than 5% of what it is capable of doing.Many corporations are using iPhone in ways they don't want people to know because of business competition. The App Store is just like a fast food joint. Expensive cuisine is prepared for the rich and...
THAT'S FOR ALL YOU PENDING SWITCHERS OUT THERE..... I knew about simultaneous talking and surfing, and that is the main reason why I am not switching. I have 6 phones on my accounts with AT&T, 3 of which are iPhones. I am self-employed, so I use my iPhone like crazy. I can talk, text navigate, search almost instantly. Why will I switch to something that wouldn't allow me to do that. I love my iPhone, and I like my service with AT&T. It will get better some day, but I...
How much did it cost this guy to hire an analyst to do an investigation on a phone bill? How did he get the money, if he couldn't afford a regular $25/mo unlimited data? Someone or rather some people, is looking for a windfall paycheck. I hope AT&T fights them till the end.
Why should Apple allow competing companies to use the iOS platform for free advertisement? May be Apple should just charge them hefty rent for parking on its real estate. After all Apple iBookstore is not on any other platform. Will Amazon allow iBookstore on Kindle? Will Sony allow iBookstore on any of its e-readers? The answer is NO. SO why should Apple give them a free ride?
How could sell you what few people are just curious about? Most Android fans know that they don't want a Galaxy Tab. They just want to see what it does. The truth is that it does nothing. The fact that Hyundai, a staunch Korean Automaker used iPad for their new Luxury car owner's manual, says a lot about universal acceptance of iPad and the trust large corporations have on Apple as a company that will be around to support the products it sells. Hyundai not using Samsung...
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