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This won't even be available for purchase until the 2011 holiday season. That's 10 months away. Who is to say that other competitors can't develop a better console by then? Quad-core is not only available to Sony to utilize. You don't show your enemy your fight weapons ahead of time, because he will know what to fight you with. But when you do that, it shows you are scared. Sony is definitely scared. And desperate!
Calif Cos are making things happen in tech. Go Qualcomm!
Motorola and the Droid gangs are about to be hit with the Apple wrecking train. And there will victims everywhere.
Microsoft did not ship phones because it does not manufacture phones. Microsoft licensed WP 7 software to vendors who shipped the phones to carriers like AT&T. And as far as 2 million is concerned, they are are already going for "Buy 1 and get 1 free".
Why would any conscious-thinking person buy a trash and install on a smartphone, especially when most are filled with ads? I wouldn't. Open source means open door. And when the door is wide open with no guard, anything goes. Good luck to you Android fans. I wouldn't use one even if it is free. I love my iPhones since 2007.
The axe is about to fall, and there will be victims everywhere. ONE phone against a battalion. So walk into the Verizon Store, and there are many phone to choose from, sometimes more than 5 from one manufacturer, but right at one corner standing like a small giant is the iconic Apple iPhone ready to battle and win. Now, that's what you call competition! Blackberry is about to leave town.
It's all a Public Relations show. RIM has made over 20 announcements about its Playbook and it is not even out for sale yet. On the other hand, Apple made only 1 announcement and item was available on that same day for developers to play with. Well, it shows that RIM is scared and is just trying to make noise for noise sake. Just like before Blackberry Storm came out, there were many smoke from RIM but Storm never ignited any fire. Playbook is DOA. I will not take...
Funny! RIM just announced today, that they will be offering the same feature on Blackberries in 2 months. I read the report on Reuters this morning. I hope Goods has a good patent on this technology, so they can sue Blackberry when they copy it. RIM will soon be like the last company that made the best horsewhip when Ford started mass producing cars.
I finally got a black one after waiting for 6 months. May be iPhone 5, I will change, unless AT&T is doing free exchange.
Who cares if he is gay or not? Only people want to gossip. Being gay is not a disease or a dysfunction. I am not, and it matters not to me who is and who is not. America should not being hypocritical in all aspects of life. Cooks can be gay and be CEO of Apple. Please don't bring this kind of silly article to your readers again. It is childish to say the least.
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