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Somebody should remind Consumer Reports that the iPhone 3G from many moons ago are still selling like hotcakes, at prices more than the new/used 4Gs. iPhone and any Apple product for that matter is a gem not a commodity item. Tell Consumer Reports to just SHUT UP!
I want to win the money, but not in iTunes Gift Card. I want to choose what I want from Apple Store, like a Macbook Pro, an Air, Mac Pro, Cinema Display, 12-core Mac Pro, or a nice quad-core iMac. What on earth can someone do with a $10,000 iTunes card? That is an overkill. If I win, I will sent an appeal letter to Steve Jobs!!!
They can call theirs; Windows Store. Anyone can claim that Windows is generic, like Window in my house. Or rather, Microsoft missed "Window of opportunity" How can you object to someone's trademark application? When you can't compete, you fight. That must be the tactics to competition. After all, all brains at Microsoft have left to better things, leaving Ballmer "the big mouth" to make full of himself.
When iPhone 2G came out in 2007, it outsold all the 3G phones, and still does today. They can go 10G, and still won't beat the iPhone
They will wait until Verizon's data plan pricing is revealed. Hot Spot tethering is not free, mind you! That service is costly. And someone (users) has to pay for it.
Hot Spot that disconnects when a call comes in is at best USELESS! Hot Spots runs your battery down faster than you blink your eye. Ask the EVO users, they will tell you so. WARNING: To you all people currently on AT&T, who are trying to jump ship to Verizon; the grass is not greener on the other side!
I am perfectly fine with AT&T. Why should anyone change, when you can't use the phone and data at the same time? So if one gets a call, and want to find a location on Google map, one has to hang up first. That sucks the fun out of iPhone. Not worth it! I use my data more than phone. I am reading my mails when phone comes in, and I can handle both on AT&T. I can use phone and text at the same time. Internet search and phone, etc. I am staying with AT&T. No, I am...
It is about time for it to happen. However I am sticking with AT&T for 2 reasons. First, my unlimited data plan. Two, if some users leave to Verizon, there will be less network congestion for those of us who will stay with AT&T. I am not going to Verizon, even though I am contract-free with AT&T. Yes, No Verizon for me!!!
Retailers are going to hate Apple for this
Profit is what counts, nothing more. People change phones every second, so all these statistics are somehow meaningless. WHICH company makes more money from smartphones? Until that is disclosed, everything else is pure nonsense.
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