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These patents are getting ridiculous. May be Apple will just make us blow into the iPhone instead and patent that too.
The old Cold War journalists used to say; "Never believe a story out of the Soviet Union until it is officially denied" RIM has just done that. They are lying to cover their inability to produce a good product. They should have shut their mouth up until they have a pre-delivery product before announcing it to the whole world. Pride goes before the fall.....
A few months ago, Microsoft had a burial ceremony in Bellevue Washington to celebrate the dead and burial of the iPhone, and the coming out party for Windows 7 Phone. As it turned out, it was Windows Phone 7 that got buried on the day it was born. And so it will happen to Motorola tablet. Let's see how many corporation will buy it. Because these wannabes plays flash video, does not make any of them useful. iPad like the iPhone has set the standard by which all must...
It is CARELESS computing for sure. The BIG brother can get your info easier without a court order. Why will anyone want to keep their personal information on any server. With Chrome OS and other cloud-based computing, everything you do is out of your control. I will not attempt it, even if they pay me to use it. It is a disastrous proposition. You are forewarned!
Microsoft piggybacking on Apple products to get its feet wet. That's unbelievable to say the least. Well, it pays to not burn bridges because one never know the future. As it is looking, Apple is the future.
Motally is not a mobile app developer. They only do analysis, more like snitching on app usage. What does Nokia need this company for? It's too late. Apple already locked snitchers out from getting any information from iOS. Nokia is dead in the waters. Apple will bury it in a few years.
Eat your heart out Google! Apple is leading the way again. Best OS. Best mobile Phon. Best laptops. Best Desktop. Best All-in-One Desktop. Best mp3 players. Best iPad ( category?). And now Best mobile ad. Hooray for Apple!
Apple should implant every new iPhone, from now on, with a tracking device that works before it leaves the factory. In some countries, people have lost their lives for these iPhones. Protection Now!
Just another way to encourage us to spend our money quickly, whenever and wherever.
I saw these guys in concert about a month ago in Costa Mesa at the Orange County Fair (Pacific Amphitheater). They suck at singing and their performance was not up to par. Why does anyone care if they sell their songs or not? They are just playing the artistic bullshit game. If they have no money, they will let their representative sell anything, but they have millions in the bank, so they don't care. I don't own a single song or album of them, and I don't care. As...
New Posts  All Forums: