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If BGR has been so wrong so many times, with their rumor mill, why should anyone believe them with this rumor? The quote can easily be made up by anyone. There is no way to say where the code came from. Anyone can type it up, if the person knows how. Where is the proof of the source? Rumors of War! I believe it when I see it.
This bastard should be put away so others will learn their lesson. I hope he gets the maximum. No deals with the government should be accepted.
I am getting one as soon as my Energizer pack finishes. I love Apple products, and this one makes good sense. Way to go, Apple! Good products sell themselves. Apple is the king of GOOD PRODUCTS!
I do not trust analysts. Most of them I believe just throw dots on the wall. If you buy and sell on their recommendation, you will be bankrupt. And the ones on the TV shows are even worse, just a bunch of clowns. When they are telling you to buy, they are selling. Why do one analysts say buy, and the other say sell? Because they are all self-serving brokerage pimps. Their actions make me sick.
Google, eat your heart out! This is sure the future. Everyone dislikes pop-up ads, especially one that takes you out your page or app. Apple will again redefine mobile ads. And that is a good thing.
Sony spent 10 years trying to compete with the iPod, and almost went out of business trying. Sony Ericsson were in business years before iPhone emerged, and still they cannot compete. PSP phone? How about walkman phone? No, no no, how about Cybershot phone? Sony Vaio/Cybershot/PSP, that will be the real iPhone killer. That will really get Apple out of business.
Amazon should just buy a book publisher, so they can control some of the content they sell. Going into phone business is a straight path to bankruptcy.
Every student in America should be given an iPad. No more books. The cost of an iPad is cheaper than a semester cost of books in most colleges, and even in many high schools across the country. Save the trees, save the environment! Free iPad for all. No more wars, let's use the money for school.
Hope they are not getting special pricing or quantity-dsicount on this. No wonder, iPad is still hard to get. No matter what they are using it for, Apple should not get into the KILLING-BUSINESS. Once the military get into Apple products, chances are there will be export restrictions. And who knows what else. I don't like it at all.
Will someone please wake this guy up. He speaks like a typical America CEO, (except Steve of course) with no real facts about products. He is just throwing darts in sentences hoping one will stick and impress his shareholders. Just stick with Windows, Mr Ballmer and like anyone in front of a window, you can only look without coming out. And that is exactly where Microsoft is today, looking, talking without participation. Shut up Mr Ballmer, and admit you have no clue...
New Posts  All Forums: