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I love my iPhone since I got the first one in 2007. But I hate AT&T for keeping us hostage. It is a known fact that US mobile carriers are always behind in everything. Internet is slow in US compared to other countries. If it was not for Apple, there will be no company in US to compete with Asians and Europeans in Mobile phone technology. Americans are deceived into believing we are the best. The fact is that we are not. Only in America are mobile phone users...
The next iWork will beat the pants of this late wanna-be application. Congratulations to MS for trying to please Mac Users! But I won't use it.
Dodeca-cores? What are we trying to do by producing these monsters? These machines are already many thousand times faster than the simulator for the first atomic bomb. Hope "THEY" don't get their hands on a few of these. After all, how much processing power does one need to be productive at work place or at home.
Apple has already fired the warning shot. Everyone else is getting ready after the war has already started. That's the wrong way to attack and defend your tuff. These guys are all in a rush to produce anything meaningful. iPhone came out in 2007. Apple was working on iPad as far back as 2004, and then stumbled on iPhone idea by chance, according Steve Jobs. And look at what they have done with it. So, expect the iPad to outperform and outsell the iPhone.
This monkey of a company should just sue the whole world. What a crap!
Good to have, but what computer can run it these days? Any idea guys, I will love to see this.
We Americans remain concerned about how Joe Barton collects bribery from oil companies for personal gain, and allow these corporation to ruin our environment, overcharge us, and not pay taxes. And we will like Joe Barton to make public his meetings with these thugs that take our natural resources without paying fair value to the treasury.
This is another example why lawyers are criminals. They are suing for $500 fine? Of course not. These assholes will ask for fees in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. What a stupid legal system America has created! So ridiculous, it is shameful.
Apple is singled out because Apple sells a lot of phones from a single phone model. Other companies sells hundreds of thousands per model, Apple sells millions per model. And there is a high expectation for Apple. So any misstep is regarded as a problem. It is right that they pointed out who else has the same problem. The problem for iPhone 4 may be higher or less depending on the location. The metallic-design also may increase the signal loss. Bumpers or any case...
Reception here is so bad. AT&T has gone to court with the some of the homeowners association here, and still could not get one extra cell tower approval. Then it was put on the city ballot during the election, and it still failed to pass. Some neighborhoods in California are impossible to get even a single cell tower installed, even on the freeway. Sometimes you wonder wether these local activists understand that neighborhoods belong to everyone. And just a few a mile...
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