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They check your pockets too. And to the previous poster who took issue with my statement, let's be clear. I don't have a problem with searches...only with carrying them out in the store in front of customers...some of whom I may have just taught.
Now if they'd only stop practicing ageism. It's rampant, though they would deny it.
When I worked for Apple, my concern wasn't with the time it took to conduct the search (though it sometimes was a while), but the fact that it was carried out in the store in plain sight of customers. It could easily have taken place behind a door leading into the store.
What if the big news about Apple TV is that it's to become the central hub of a complete media server? Now that would be excellent!
The outcry, as already mentioned, was about how they went about it. For me, I was more than happy to accept the free U2 album (and later pay for the additional tracks). But don't think that Apple didn't benefit from that giveaway, even if it was unwanted by some.   Anyway, belated Merry Christmas...and Happy New Year. Now everyone, go back to your whine.
I guess they didn't make enough money in 2014 to feel the joy of giving.
The very first thing I noticed: "televesion."
Fix 5GGz wifi connectivity to 802.11ac
How about NO additional charge for high resolution tracks we already own? Apple should be trying to prop up a dwindling marketplace, not charging more for files it already has in hand.
Just fix the loss of wifi / ethernet when the computer goes to sleep. Please Apple - concentrate on bug fixes, especially long lasting ones, in addition to the bells and whistles.
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