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The very first thing I noticed: "televesion."
Fix 5GGz wifi connectivity to 802.11ac
How about NO additional charge for high resolution tracks we already own? Apple should be trying to prop up a dwindling marketplace, not charging more for files it already has in hand.
Just fix the loss of wifi / ethernet when the computer goes to sleep. Please Apple - concentrate on bug fixes, especially long lasting ones, in addition to the bells and whistles.
Hostile takeover of Microsoft to become the only significant game in town.
The downside of a digital Rolling Stone subscription (I've been using Zinio for this up until now) is that it doesn't include access to the Rolling Stone archives. That only comes with a print subscription. I hope that changes now that they're on Newstand, but I'm not holding my breath. Progress Mr. Wenner, but you still have a way to go.
It's about time.
      That would be an elegant approach.
While crowds are maddening, especially if you work in the Apple store, it's actually "madding" crowd.
Just give me alarms on my birthday calendar, and sync my to dos on my devices.
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