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Umm, I'm not very smart and have no formal IT or mac or computer education but shouldn't you be trying :s i unno im prob wrong on that point
well.... I'd prob be the only willing member here willing to debate but there'd probably be a huge brawl and I'd get attacked and have my organs harvested by crazed mac users everywhere lol jk jk but seriously if you wanna get a PC user and fan to defend themselves then you shouldn't post on a Mac Fan Site
Hi, I've been a livelong faithful PC ended user and since starting my new job at spencer house, a seniors' centre (my first IT job ever), I've been thrown into the world of Mac. I'm a stranger in a strange land it feels sometimes but I muddle through. They even have me teaching computer lessons to seniors on macs here and if they weren't at the novice level I wouldn't be able to but I am learning quickly. Our network goes as follows: -Broadband DSL modem ...
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