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The MS Tablet looks fucking awesome in that mock-up. Lots of UI magic, though, smoke and mirrors.
Is there betting available here? What odds?
Quote an example for me. :-)It's not an oxymoron at all.The Democratic Party held firm in the South, at one time, as a force attempting to maintain the status quo of white legal supremacy over blacks. Holding to the status quo is the definition of conservatism.The people and culture are what is important, not the mascot of the political party they voted for. The new Republicans just switched places with the old Democrats. Besides, you are not answering the question:Would...
The assertion that the accusation even exist is the straw man.No one is saying that all conservatives are just a big violent mob in waiting. No one is even saying that most conservatives are just a big violent mob in waiting.Why do you use the term "conservatives" and "Democrats" as if they are antonyms? At that time in American history, the Democratic Party was the party of radical conservatives. That has changed, of course, but to not realize that displays quite an...
This is a straw man fallacy intended to create feelings of victimhood in right-wingers.The idea that there are homicidal factions within the conservative movement might be an "article of faith" on the left, but it is also quite true. And even those who believe that conservatives as a whole are a homicidal mob have history on their side, though their net is cast far too wide.In the modern history of American political violence and terrorism, left-wing terror organizations...
Since when is listing individuals the standard? Way to create an unreasonable request in order to duck the exposure of a true criticism.Did they "pretend that is all there is to it"?Another ridiculous standard, "If I don't know people who think this way, they don't exist!!""Keep your government hands off my Medicare."
Well isn't this a quandry?
Look at this disingenuous melodrama.- No one is arguing that President Obama is being shouted down.- President Obama is not "monopolizing the airwaves".Sentence one is built of two clauses, both of which are false.And it's on and on from there in the cadence and tone of the impassioned religious believer. At least the second paragraph shows some humor, because I do perhaps fear that the stupid madness of talk radio has corrupted quite a few minds and stripped them of all...
That Time cover with Limbaugh actually seems fairly prescient given how much damage talk radio and demagoguery in general has done to our national political discourse.
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