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I'm wondering what the "political commentary" in that bolded portion is. Can you explain? It's pointing out some false ideas put out by "critics" and offers some facts to refute them. Perhaps you're so obsessed with partisan politics that you think any mention of policy out in the world is some kind of partisan spearhead effort?
Who said they are all stupid? I don't even know what your point is.
Anti-capitalist is not anti-industrialist. Marx wanted the worker to take control of the factory, not shut the factory down.Anti-dehumanization is more common on the left than on the right, that is the part of Kaczynski's writing that smacks of leftism.To some extent, sure, but there are also elements of right-wing philosophy in anarchism as well (to wit: distrust of government). But you don't see me attempting to use a loose, tangential association like that as grounds...
Because the onus lies on the person making the claim. You have asserted that "there is a very discernable left-wing element to his writings".It is not my job to disprove, it is your job to prove. That is how reasoning works, regardless of how much you want to pout and avoid the simple reality that your attempt to play "well your side does it, too" does not really hold up in this case.Ted Kaczynski's philosophy is, as I have said, "anarchist/primitivist". involuntary_serf...
#1 is anti-industrial#2 is ... anti-industrialWhat is "leftist" about anti-industrial?What do you think extremist right-wing militias are pissed off about? Why do you think they live in the woods?Anti-industrial is not "left" or "right". Not everything fits in our narrow partisan spectrum.Howso?Like what, specifically?
Because there is no discernable left-wing element to Ted Kaczynski's anarchist/primitivist ranting.
Calling Ted Kaczynski a left-winger is pretty stupid.
The last time a Democrat was president, a right-wing extremist blew up the AP Murrah Federal Building and was arrested carrying a concealed handgun, a copy of The Turner Diaries, and wearing a "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants" t-shirt. Domestic right-wing terrorism is to be expected, but at a level organized enough to get to the president is doubtful. People operating at that level of insanity probably don't...
gonna get me an abortion shirt/ gonna wear it roun' the town
A short documentary in four parts. For those who (1) see the outpouring of ignorance from conservative masses as a new thing or (2) fail to understand that this outpouring has actual historical roots, this very short piece on the controversy surrounding John Lennon's famed "bigger than Jesus" statement will be instructive. Part 1 - An Alabama station bans Beatles records, plans a bonfire but cancels it due to fears of extremist tomfoolery/violence. Part 2 -...
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