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NoahJ:That is, perhaps, the only way to get anything done. Bush got very little done when it came to domestic agendas despite all this notion of him radically reshaping laws.His agenda is clear. That agenda is, "I will sign what Congress wants me to and I'm not going to lead the legislative process."You're assuming there's a secret agenda that isn't being discussed openly.trumpt:I cite examples of an article quoting multiple involved people, some of whom have different...
Anything is "open to interpretation". That is not the question.The question is what a reasonable interpretation is. It is unreasonable to assert that "direction" means "offering a lesson plan that no one has any obligation to use".Look at you pretending that you know what role the DoE is "supposed" to play.
There were no questionable parts then. It was entirely clear what "help the president" meant. It was wild conspiracy foolishness to imagine that it meant "help the president destroy capitalism and implement Sharia law".There was never any legitimate reason to have a second's pause about this.If one takes a voluntary lesson plan offer as an illegal "direction" then the DoE can literally never say anything about education because it might give someone an idea.It was not in...
It will be hard for Obama to present a clear path because Obama doesn't have a clear path in mind. He is a middling placation-master. He is not an idealogue, which is what makes all the cries of "socialist!" so perplexing in their falsehood. If Obama were actually an ardent advocate of single-payer healthcare then a plea to him to stand up and lead would make sense. But he isn't, he is an ardent advocate of gradual change that doesn't make anyone angry.
The law prohibits the Department of Education from dictating curriculum, not from offering lesson plans.Jesus, the conspiracy nuttery has been cranked up to 11.I think maybe the definition of the word "direction" escapes you.
"I am not going to respond to this!" is a response. If you're going to respond you might as well get to the actual point.It is basic training; the creation of a negative disincentive.
When someone proposes a tyrannical policy of the government taking away the children of the poor because the poor aren't good enough to have children, what is the point of ignoring it? What is accomplished? It has already been well-established that ignoring zealots does nothing to temper their madness. One needn't become irrational, one needs merely to become strident. If liberals were capable of standing straight and proud with a spine then this country wouldn't be so...
There is nothing creepy about the lesson plans. They were simple, clear, and run-of-the-mill as far as lesson plans go.
Please respond to it. There's no reason to ignore it. As Thomas Jefferson said, "Ridicule is he only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them."
When you back down you take on the appearance of guilt even if you aren't guilty. Republicans know this, Democrats don't. He shouldn't have resigned. The grassroots progressives would have fought for him, as they were doing and rightfully so.
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