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The article is "Surge in Homeless Pupils Strains Schools".The article is a discussion of how a surge in homelessness is straining public schools.Where in the article do you see "a critique about lack of government resources available for the growing homeless"?I see some saying that Congress needs to provide more. (paragraph beginning "While the law's goals...").I see some saying that the laws have helped. (paragraph beginning "Educators and advocates...").I think the...
I wouldn't say that, I'd say you're being melodramatic by characterizing Jeremiah Wright's sermons as "hate-filled rhetoric".What has Wright said that would be reasonably considered "hate-filled rhetoric"?
- A bunch of old white people on government assistance are afraid poor people and minorities will get in on their welfare game.- Also, a bunch of poor white people who pretend they aren't poor imagine that sometime in the distant future the government will tax all the money they don't actually have.- A larger group than those two are simply mad that a black Democrat is the president. Not necessarily because he's black, but it sure doesn't help.In short: Right now the vocal...
jazzguru: I said "government", not "Federal government". So I'll ask again in the vain hope that you'll dredge up the intellectual honesty to answer: What level of government involvement do you think would be necessary (to make sure insurance stays with the individual, even when he/she changes jobs)?
Great... what does this have to do with the article?From the first paragraph of the article: She vowed to try harder and bring her grades back up from the C’s she got last spring — a dismal semester when her parents lost their jobs and car and the family was evicted and migrated through friends’ houses and a motel.What indication here exists that this is not "an isolated" circumstance?"Likely"?Just as likely she was raised by social conservatives who distrusted...
What level of government involvement do you think would be necessary?
Upset and scared. She's a fucking idiot.
They have run stories on Van Jones. Shocking news: Powerlineblog is a partisan shithole.
If someone has bike, clothes, and plenty of school supplies they are … what? Finish the thought.What are the alternative options? Specifically.Who makes the determination that the kids need to be taken?Who actually takes them?Who takes them in?What you seem to be advocating is an even larger expansion of government power into parenting decisions. Not only that, but a logically unsupported as simply improving the economic situation of existing families is an overall much...
If you cannot answer this question for yourself then no one can answer it for you. Basic human compassion and understanding is not something you teach.Hang the child for the sins of the father, eh?
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