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I'm not proving your point at all. I am merely saying that the Democrats during Bush's 2 terms actually had legitimate things to complain about and even the nutty fringe of the Democratic party was not screaming with Hitler signs in Bush's first year.All groups lose the forest for the trees, but to say that they do so in exactly the same way and to exactly the same extent is irrational.Yes, both Democrats and Republicans lose the plot when they fall out of power, but what...
There is a degree of truth to this, but there is a tremendous equivalency fallacy going on here.Liberals freaked out about domestic spying and foreign wars. Right-wingers are freaking out about "stay in school" speeches. These things are hardly equal.
God damn America is fairly standard right-wing religious doctrine. Fallen Earth and all that. But not when a black preacher says it.
If I could "figure it the fuck out" I wouldn't have asked.This assumes that Obama can know such things. He is not omniscient.Only some parts of it expire, as is clearly explained by Obama. What you're doing is bringing in an old op/ed piece that was written before Obama even explained a tax policy.Let's hear them, then, because the goddam tobacco tax being portrayed as "a fairly dramatic tax increase" is a joke.What on earth is meant by "those kinds of statements"? That...
What volumes does it say?
If the wheels of justice turned fairly it would follow that all modern US presidents have been war criminals worthy of a firing squad.
Not all of us are consumed eternally by partisan rage.
Polling wasn't shifting, McCain was getting the expected VP bump, a bump that always shows up and always recedes.
What quote are you paraphrasing*?There is no definition of "lie" that fits that.He doesn't know what the end result will be. No one does. The public option may turn out to be complete shit and not work.It's not like that at all. That's a horrible analogy.Source this bullshit.Also, you know you're in a really pathetic place as a partisan water carrier when the fucking tobacco tax is the only actual criticism you can make of Obama's tax policy. It's like George W Bush...
You said that Obama said this:"we've never pushed for a public option/single payer system as the main health 'reform'"You even put it in quotation marks.Has Obama ever said that?It does matter whose decision it is. Unless, of course, one believes that Obama was to have control over private business insurance decisions such that he could guarantee a continuation of existing policies. If that is the case, the problem is the listener being an idiot, not Obama lying.If taxes...
New Posts  All Forums: