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rippletraining.com is a great resource and fcpx.tv - similarly, there are others listed here:   http://www.apple.com/final-cut-pro/resources/   ---
You can use the position tool (p - on keyboard) to click/drag to reorder/move tracks in the angle editor. Likewise something that should help before you setup the multicam analysis is to number all of your camera angles in the info. pane. This helps FCPX keep them on the correct track.
You get to keep the application typically. There won't be any updates to the application, thus it may not be able to run on any new iOS updates that are put on the phone.
If you hover the cursor over the lower left corner of the tab, where the X should be, does it appear? If so, I believe this is normal behavior. If not, I would do a quick reset of safari... Safari>Reset Safari , check all the boxes, and hit reset. If that doesn't work you may have to dig into where the .plist files are located in safari.
Sounds like the only variable left would be to do a restore on your iPad, (make sure and do a backup of it first.)
As far as the applications. unless it has changed, you should be able to rebuy/download them for free. The process is confusing as it isn't until you clickto buy and start the download that it prompts you about redownloading an application again for free. -Verizon iPhone will happen when it happens, but all the early upgrade options and talk about exclusive contracts ending leads me to believe that Apple may announce something at a Jan. Event. If not then, I would expect...
Creating that post had to have taken a bit of time? It was quite entertaining though I must admit.
The Final Cut Studio update seemed to be bug fixes and stabilization rather than new features mostly. I think as said above, a complete rewrite is in the works for not only the Final Cut Studio, but perhaps something of that nature with Aperture 3 too. Utilizing Grand Central etc. My guess is the Jan. 26 announcement has been tying up resources; and bringing in other people would complicate the vision the Aperture team has for the product. At any rate, I too believe...
Also, I can't remember between models, on where the hadd drives are placed, but it may be just that? Ditto on backing up...if you can get it diagnosed for free, by all means. The hard drive would probably be fairly easy to replace yourself if you have the time to do it.
I don't see why not. Your experience and day to day troubleshooting Apple products could be of use in the forums I would guess. Certified or not, I have always found this site to be full of knowledgeable people from the Mac community. I don't post as often as I should, but read frequently. Cheers, and Happy New Year.
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