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Also, I would try prosoft's data rescue II, or steve gibson's, spinrite if you need to get data recovered.
Thanks for the feedback. I will have to wait and see what my options are after CES/Macworld. I do use displayconfigX, a $12 add on that forces the display to output different resolutions. Works well. I do think there is a demo, so you can test to see if it would work on your setup.
Wondering if anyone has gotten the 1.25ghz powerbook ~2003 to play iTunes HD video? I have 512mb ram 10.5 OSX, stock hard drive. I need to upgrade RAM regardless I think to 2gb, but if anyone could tell me if that boost would help play the HD video I will get it for sure. Otherwise, I might just wait and get the AppleTV or wait until after CES/Macworld and see what my options are. Trying to be able to play HD video (TV Shows) cheaply . Cheers.
I believe at the end of apple's press releases on their website, they have PR contact information. I suppose send them in and see what happens. I'm sure they would like to see them regardless. Everyone loves a cute baby + iPod. hehe.CheersLikewise you could try starting here: http://www.apple.com/feedback/
Absolutely. They have invested a fair amount of money recently into the products. (The addition of color) Likewise the hardware that runs the software. It is a small but what I would say is a super profitable ecosystem for Apple with all their "pro stuff". Look for an update, maybe not a whole new studio set though, at NAB in I believe April in Vegas. Also, as a side-note, I can't wait to see what more Red will have to show.
I hope so; I am barely able to afford the plan. But; I did use a slide-out qwerty phone; and it was god-awful...so then I did not feel so bad anymore.
Now I'm just curious; QAed = quality assuranced? If so that's hilarious! Likewise what is NIST/what do you do if you don't mind me asking? Cheers
Oh yea; sorry, I didn't link to the particular item I bought...the one at the link is a two way. ... And yes...just realized though that you are right about the image plane being "level". Well hopefully the eye in coorination with the machine will get a good result. I'll let ya know how it works!
I ended up getting him a bubble-level for the hotshoe on his Nikon DSLR. It's a 3-way leveler, so it will work well to get the tripod straight for landscape shots, etc. $20; He thought it was pretty cool. Just in case anyone needed something different to get anyone, it's a cool little item. for example; one like this: http://www.amazon.com/Manfrotto-337-.../dp/B00009R6J7
I thought it might be decent, since he does carry a bunch of random stuff in a bag...haha; but my sister laughed at it, and I dunno if he would use it really. Are there any tripods with a quick release, pan/tilt swivel head, that also has a bubble leveler, but not $700 /?? He has a Nikon D-80, and the tripod he has now is not sturdy enough.
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