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the guys were on Jay Leno the other night. They said they had made $1000 with 20 million visitors. If everyone would donate even .50, they both would be set for life.
I wouldn't be surprised if phones with MP3 playing capabilities ended up the same way: "I guess the thing can play music, but I've never bothered to figure out how. I just wanted a phone." On that note, off we go to Digital Hub. [/B][/QUOTE] That is what I think. If there was a way to combine a phone without diminishing the iPod qualities, that would be cool, but it might be awhile. Also, the whole camera/phone thing is a joke, imo, for now. The quality just...
creature speakers II from JBL. I have the first ones, don't know exactly what is new in the second generation speakers, but they look and sound great. Perfect for a dorm/bedroom, (as in my case). Also, if you already have a home stereo, buy airport express.
I hope this doesn't break the "official rules", but it is a good idea. Hope it works for someone to win, (me).
LOL, that is all I have to say... Other than the Bulls 72-10 record, that was the best team ever. That team would beat the Lakers even worse than Detroit did.
I actually thought it was alright. I liked how all the musicians piled in the car, because it is like they "are" riding with you, but in the iPod. Also, the ad showed how the iPod worked with the stereo, isn't that what everyone here always wants to see? Anyway, I do like the very first beat that is played once everyone gets into the car. Anyone happen to know that song from the few measures that are played? If you do, you should one tell me, and two, be on "Name that...
I believe the "no time/date" detected means your camera didn't have the time set when you were recording. If you did have it set, I don't know what to tell you. Either way, it seems like you might be SOL.
Ok, so I have my grandma getting a new computer, the only thing is with WWDC coming up, would there be any computer price drops? My guess is with the G5's updated things will stay the same? Money is not a concern really, but she just e-mails, uses internet, uses an address book, and sometimes types letters. So, I am thinking the best thing for her would be an eMac. I would only think of an iMac because of the adjustable screen, and it being so big. I am going to get...
[QUOTE]Originally posted by jante99 [B]Apple is going to sell a million of these devices to college students. They will be perfect for a dorm room. Right on... I will be picking this up. I can print to my roomates' printer without having to take my computer to it, and have wireless internet. This has got to be the best thing since Apple's last new product. Looks like I am going to be spending more money.
thanks a bunch. It is kind of weird using FCE from iMovie. iMovie makes it so easy to do things , but FCE you have complete control. It is almost taking a step backwards sometimes. That is something new to know. Awesome.
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