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I exported a final cut express movie with stills created from the footage into iDVD4. When the dvd was done burning, and I played it on my TV, the still images vibrate and shake on the screen. It does not do this when watching it on final cut express. Is this just a problem with encoding? what is my best option to correct this? Thanks.
That is the best one I have heard yet.
iTunes and iMovie works for me. I have the updated iTunes, and Quicktime, and iMovie 4.0.1.....Hope you can figure out the problem, because that does suck. Sometimes I have that problem when I can't hear anything. Sometimes just quitting and trying again works.
I agree.... High school it isn't necessary, but Colllege, that is where you will get usability out of it. save up money, get one later
yeah, not sure why I watched it either, I almost threw up all over my computer. WTF!!!!! I realize people die all of the time, but this is my first experience in seeing a real person alive one second, gone the next. What a mind job. I can't get the disgusting images out of my head.
Heck yeah, that game is awesome. Lots of summer nights were spent playing that one. Probably my all time favorite.
got the powermate working again. Not sure what the deal was. Oh well,it works
ok, since the update, my Powermate does not work anymore. I verified the disk permissions too, still no luck. Not sure if this is just me, but I hope the kinks are worked out so I can use it again.
at my college we got the bottles on time, and as of yesterday, there are no more iTunes bottles stocked. I am glad I have to April to redeem songs though.
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