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Just thought of one as I was browsing iTMS. I hate it when there are only partial albums. IE: Usher's Confessions, they don't have "Yeah". That pisses me off, I was looking forward to that for like 2 weeks! SOAB!
Spoken like a true New Yorker
Speaking of Keynote, I just got back from using my laptop to present a slideshow for my class. My teacher was impressed as all can get by the cube-spin. That and I put the Anchorman trailer in the show, so it was awesome. My saying is "Cubespin = A". I too am looking forward to what 2.0 has to offer.
So True, yet I am getting one of his songs (only because it is free from Pepsi) I do think it is funny, hence the purchase
yeah, changed my ways. I don't do illegal anymore. 1.) iTMS is so easy, it is not bad spending 99ยข. 2.) Respect for artist's work. 3.) Even though Macs are 3% of market, not worth the risk to pay the RIAA. Took awhile for my siblings to understand why to pay when you could get it for free, but for me it basically came down to respect for the work and morals. (Stealing is Stealing)
Well, if you are using the Superdrive, DVD-R or -RW is what you have to use, it is all that is burnable. Also, DVD-R is more compatible with dvd players than DVD+R is. So yeah, go with DVD-R.
Yeah, he came to my college and did a little talking. I wasn't able to attend, probably reading these forums . But yeah, he is the man.
Yeah, I know I am a slacker... I just happen to run across the DVD in the library and checked it out...glad I got some point of view on it though.
when I would use the shopping cart, would the free songs from Pepsi be taken off, or would they be charged to credit card? I question b/c I know if you click buy album, it charges your card, not your free songs.
What does everyone think of having tabbed browsing added to the iTMS, like there is currently in Safari. I think it would be easier to navigate, and it would be a way to remember which songs to listen to prior to buying.
New Posts  All Forums: