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Yeah, I actually stopped the deletion after a thousand or so items were deleted, so I saw what was in the trash. It was some programs, but they were duplicates or something so nothing lost. It was actually really weird. I went to eject and image, and when I did the trash automatically emptied, but with a ton of stuff in it that I didn't put there. It was the weirdest thing ever. But yeah, I do need to back my stuff up. I am hoping to buy a firewire hard drive to do...
OK, I am freaking out. I just deleted like 20,000 items from my computer. I think it was just a bunch of stuff from some programs I can re-install, but just to make sure, is there a log or something to check what I deleted? God, I hope I didn't F-up my computer.
Just saw the movie "1984". That makes the commercial more understandable. Also, one word to describe the movie...CREEPY.
I agree completely. Cougar gets my vote as well.
That could be it. Our campus was hit pretty hard with the Mydoom virus I believe. Our campus administrator also said they have been really busy trying to get things worked out, so I am thinking the network is just getting overloaded hardcore until things get fixed.
I love how in iLife 04 the programs work together. For example, in iMovie to add a song, you click on the audio button, and the iTunes library and its playlists show up for you to listen to. However, in iDVD, the songs that use .AAC, (Purchased Music) are not playable within iDVD, and can't be used as background music because they are an "Unsupported File Type". How can this be integration when they aren't available for use with iDVD in their native form? I know there...
My college is about 1,700 people. I do believe a select few around the surrounding area may have access, but out technology center doesn't say how many. I get around 20-60kb consistently, flucuating alot, but mostly stays around 30 when loading a page, so I don't understand why the iTMS would be slow. I might talk to our technology center if it doesn't speed up at all.
yeah, I was figuring that in, but even not on Tuesday's, it is super slow. So slow, it is not acceptable for the type of connection I have. I have to let downloads go over night to get them done. It takes hours!! It can't be all Apple's fault.
Just wondering what everyone else's connection was like when using the iTMS to listen to preview songs or to download them. I have a T1 LAN connection at college, and it is slower than my 56k modem at home. It takes hours to download a song. Browsing the web, and downloading from the web is just fine. What is the deal? I am wondering if my college is limiting bandwidth to music downloads in general to prevent piracy, yet this is legal. (is that even possible?) ...
Here is yet another one that I am going to check out. Looks alright, but we'll see. http://captainftp.xdsnet.de/
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